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This mod adds different kinds of pigs, like a pig with helmet and a friendly pig that fights for you.

How to armor, tame and make your pig follow you

  • To armor a mob, simply right-click it with a helmet you want to armor it with. You can armor a pig with a leather, a iron, a gold and a diamond helmet. So not with a chain helmet!! You can only tame pigs when they are armored. Now, to tame the pig, simply feed it seeds, by right clicking on the pig with seeds. Now your pigs will attack mobs when they come close to it. To make your pig follow you, simply hold wheat in your hand and then it will follow you.

Pig-attacks on every mob:

  • Enderman –> These are the worst monsters for the pig. Enderman can easily kill much pigs, and they will be killed by around 2 or 3 diamond armored pigs.
  • Zombie Pigman –> These are pretty nasty for pigs because they are always in big groups and they have a fine golden sword. These can sometimes be killed by 1 diamond armored pig.
  • Blaze –> Pigs are very effective against this mobs. Pigs are very fast and can easily dodge the fireballs these mobs shoot. Diamond armored pigs will surely kill these mobs
  • Cave Spider –> Will make a pig poisoned, but they will survive and kill this mob. It’s very difficult to see your pig suffer, but revenge will be there. These mobs will be killed by 1 diamond armored pig.
  • Creeper –> Pigs won’t attack these mob, because that would be suicide, but creepers won’t attack pigs anyways. You will have to kill these mobs yourself.
  • Ghast –> Pigs can’t fly…
  • Magma Cube –> Pigs will easily kill these mobs, but a big magma cube will take some time… A pig won’t be hurt killing these mobs.
  • Silverfish –> Do you hate these annoying mobs? Pigs are also little mobs so they can easily find these mobs and they ca n easily kill these mobs.
  • Skeleton –> You thought a skeleton never misses. They will. Pigs are far too small for a skeleton to hit. Maybe a skeleton will hit once or twice, but that won’t kill your pig.
  • Slime –> Pigs will easily kill these mobs, but a big slime will take some time… A pig won’t be hurt killing these mobs. (just like the magma cube)
  • Spider –> Will take some serious hits on the pig, and can kill a pig, so watch out for spiders.
  • Zombie –> These mobs are scared as hell for pigs. Pigs usually turn into a zombie pigman when hit (then they would be much stronger with a golden sword), and that’s why zombie’s won’t so a single hit on your pig. So your pig can easily kill a zombie, without being killed itself. Very useful… (and don’t be scared, your cute pig won’t turn into a zombie pigman)

Strength of every form of the pig

  • Leather armored pig –> 1.5x more health as normal pig
  • Iron armored pig –> 3x more health as normal pig
  • Gold armored pig –> 3x more health as normal pig
  • Diamond armored pig –> 5x more health as normal pig


  • 1. Drag the Automated Installation folder out of the PigCompanionMod.zip
  • 2. On windows open InstallWindows.bat on mac open EasyModInstaller.jar with java
  • 3. Click Install
  • 4. If it asks you if you want to delete META-INF say “yes”
    • If it asks you if you want to install Modloader say “no”
    • If it asks you if you want to install AudioMod say “no”
  • 5. Close the installer
  • 6. Open Minecraft and ENJOY!

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