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You like horror games? You afraid of the dark? Regular Minecraft doesn’t have anything remotely like that, even on the lowest brightness setting. You can see perfectly well in the dark, making torches only a mob-spawn defense.. not a requirement.

Advanced Darkness Mod Features:

  • Decreased light levels and block light. You can’t see clearly at night
  • Automatic gamma-setting.
  • Nerfed torches: less light and less per-craft (coal gives two torches, charcoal one.)

How it works:

  • The gamma is turned way down, to -1. This creates the awesome darkness effect. I’ve only edited three classes – GameSettings, CraftingManager, and Block. GameSettings to automate the gamma, CraftingManager to reduce torch crafting (using coal gives 2 torches, using charcoal 1), and Block to edit light levels.

Playing without the mod:

  • You don’t need this mod to play with Advanced Darkness! You can also run vanilla/modded Minecraft like this (albeit without the crafting and radius changes). In your options.txt (in the .minecraft directory), simply change the ‘gamma’ option to -1. That’s it! This mod does it automatically, with some changes otherwise to verify it as a real mod.


  • Download Advanced Darkness Mod
  • Extract to \.minecraft\versions
  • Rename folder to ‘Advanced Darkness’
  • Copy a 1.6.2 jar from \.minecraft\versions.6.2 to \.minecraft\versions\Advanced Darkness (the folder you just renamed!)
  • Rename “1.6.2.jar” to “Advanced Darkness.jar”
  • Inject classes from \client\classes into “Advanced Darkness.jar”, and delete the META-INF folder
  • Open the new launcher (Yggdrasil), create/edit a profile, select ‘release Advanced Darkness’.
  • Launch! If you did it right, it should launch perfectly.

Download links for other versions:




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