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As we all know, Minecraft is a great game! Highly addictive, stupendously creative but I can’t help but be left with a bitter taste in my mouth at times when it comes to the actual aesthetics of the game! It’s all well and good, but it has been awhile since a mod has really made me go ‘WOW That is fantastic!’- This mod as done exactly that!
This mod creates a new aesthetic that allows for a tool of the players choice to be shown on the back of the character, it is a fantastic graphic and idea that really expands the horizons of Minecraft! The tool that is generated on the back of the player is the last tool equipped!

Back Tools Mod for Minecraft

  • This mod allows for the last equipped item/tool to be displayed on your skins back!
  • This mod is simple yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye!
  • It also has full server multiple player support, so you can show of to your friends!
  • As well as carrying your valuable items upon your back, you can also use a different tool meanwhile!

Back Tools Mod Positives and Negatives

  • PROS: This mod is currently available for server and client download, so it is available to anyone who wants it! Although it is a rather simple mod, it focuses on an area of Minecraft in which personally I think could go with some work!
  • CONS: There isn’t any negatives, I can only hope that the developer continues to focus on the Aesthetic side of things

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  1. love it



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