[1.6.2] Better Archery Mod Download

Archery is on of the coolest things that you can do in Minecraft or in any game. It is like being a medieval sniper. One of the most famous archers that everyone knows, is Robbin Hood. He stole from the rich and gave it to the poor. He was the best marksman with his bow. Now with this mod, you can feel yourself as Mr. Robbin.

Better Archery Mod

The mod gives the player the ability to utilize new types of bows and quivers. The vanilla bow is not replaced, you can still use it. However the crafting recipe for the vanilla bow is removed. This mod also adds quivers and new arrows. This allows the player to quick-switch between arrows. It also allows to shoot much faster.
Skeletons that spawn, can be armed with the longbows or recurve bows. There is a small chance that their arrows might be poisoned.

Better Archery Mod Main Features

This mod adds bows, arrows and quivers to the game. Once a bow is damaged and breaks, it needs to be re-stringed. That takes 3 strings from your inventory.
List of bows which are added to the game:

  • Vanilla bow
  • Recurve bow – faster arrows, longer pull back time, less durable
  • Longbow – Longest range bow, faster arrows than the vanilla bow, same durability and pull back time
  • Yumi bow – powerful and fast, same durability as vanilla bow
  • Composite bow – the fastest and most durable bow. The most difficult to craft as well

Arrow types: 

  • Fire arrows
  • Impact explosive arrows
  • Timed explosive arrow
  • Ender arrow (teleport arrow)
  • Torch arrow
  • Drill arrows
  • Potion arrows
  • Splitting arrows

Quiver. It can be dyed!

Better Archery Mod Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use and craft.
  • New gameplay styles.
  • Loads of fun!


  • Some more designs of bows could be better
  • Some bugs with the vanilla bow

How to Install Better Archery Mod

The installation process can be seen in the video However make sure to go to the new directory, Appdata/roaming/.miencraft/version/minecraft1.6.2. You will also need to install these mods

  1. Download and install Forge Universal
  2. Download and install PlayerRenderApi
  3. Download and install GuiApiMod

Download links for other versions:




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