[1.6.2] BigTrees Mod Download

Apparently have you ever felt that minecraft’s jungles are abit too small? If so then this mod belongs to you. You probably have an idea of making a  treehouse before in minecraft but again with those trees you aren’t able to make one which is perfect. I believe this mod will make your dream of making tree-houses come true! BigTree Mod will make your tree bigger and in fact will grow even more! If I were to give this mod a tree match then the only tree that will stand a chance is the tree in HarryPotter (The one that tried to swallow them).


What BidTrees Mod donated to minecraft was lots of new treetypes (vanilla blocked) and lots more! Biomes are scattered with trees including those tall trees (Post oaks), and those wide trees (Block Oak, Thick Oak, Great Oak). To make it look even more realistic the BigTrees Mod also left some parts of the biomes scattered with small trees as well (do you always see big trees in forests?). The biomes or the environment around minecraft is modded to effect the growth of trees as well, for example if its a dessert, then there would mostly be leaveless trees or what normal people called dead trees. Also this BigTrees Mod make the growth of trees alot more realistic by planting the tree straight from the ground! try digging in beside the trees and see where does it end! You can also plant trees via your likings (the BigTrees growing instructions are in the readme.txt file in your Bigtrees zip).


  • 1) Backup minecraft and any saves you don’t want corrupted. (Suggested)
  • 2) Start with a fresh, new installation of Minecraft. (May not be necessary.)
  • 3) Open minecraft.jar and the BigTrees zip file with an appropriate archiver.
  • 4) Copy all *.class files directly from BigTrees zip to minecraft.jar.
  • 5) Delete the folder “META-INF” in minecraft.jar.
  • 6) If you want to be able to change the configuration, copy kbigtrees.txt to the ‘.minecraft’ folder.
  • 7) Play Minecraft!

(Installing the server version to minecraft-server.jar is similar, only do not delete META-INF.)

(For the server version, copy ‘kbigtrees.txt’ to the folder minecraft-server.jar is in.)


Download links for other versions:








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