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Oh yeah, I haven’t wrote articles for a long long time already. :D In the sight of the opening of school, many projects, and awesome friends, I’ve got no time to write anything. Well, right now I’m writing about something awesome. A Minecraft Mod that includes everything in Minecraft in one Mod! BuildCraft Mod enhances everything about fuel and making things run. Not only that thought, BuildCraft Mod adds new and awesome things inside it! Like all those pipes, quarries, and energy makers.

Quite cool eh? Well all those things will help you enhance your same old Minecraft! Some Mods are about changing the Minecraft world, like making you fly, enabling more options to your game. But BuildCraft Mod is funny, it actually creates a whole new system in this game!  Adding new energy system and fuel system also new items. :D All of this together equals a very awesome Mod! Name BuildCraft! Thanks to SpaceToadCraft for making BuildCraft! First of all, their are 4 types of download. The Core, Transport, Factory, and Builders. You need only core to play though :D The others are just only things to make it fun! All the tons of recipe can be found here


Requires Minecraft and Forge .408+. (DO NOT install ModLoader or ModLoaderMp. Install ONLY Forge.)


Client – Windows Automatic Installation

Important note – this procedure works on a freshly updated Minecraft. For more complex installation, in particular with other mods, it may be preferable to use the manual procedure.

  • 1. Download all the client BuildCraft packages that you want to install.
  • 2. Download the Minecraft mod pack installation assistant
  • 3. Download the latest BuildCraft mod pack description
  • 4. Double click on the file mod_pack_installer.jar. If that doesn’t work, you probably need to install Java, from http://www.java.com/…nload/index.jsp
  • 5. Select the pack that you want to install
  • 6. You will now see all the files required. You may miss some BuildCraft packages, or some dependencies. Click on the “Download” button to get the files that are missing, and then “Refresh”.
  • 7. Once everything is green, the “Install” button should be clickable. Click on it. Let it do the magic!

Client – Manual Installation

  • 1. First, install ModLoader
  • 2. Then, install ModLoaderMP
  • 3. Starting BuildCraft, you will need to install Minecraft Forge
  • 4.Get the client packages of BuildCraft that you want to use (see above). Here’s the dependency and content details:
    • Core: no dependencies, provides only basic functionalities.
    • Transport: Depends on Core, provides only pipes.
    • Factory: Depends on Core , provides automatic crafting table, mining well and quarry.
    • Builders: Depends on Core , provides land markers and filler.
    • Energy: Depends on Core , provides oil and engines.

You should then be familiar with the .minecraft folder containing the minecraft resources. In .minecraft/mods, drop the zip(s) file containing the part of the release that you want to install.

WARNING By default, the Energy mod is set to redstone power. In order to enable the engine powering machines, you will need to change a line in the BuildCraft config file:



Download links for other versions:










  1. where are the client packages download link at? I need them in order to play Buildcraft.

  2. i know i have the same problem i dont think thereare any

    • Your website has to be the elcortenic Swiss army knife for this topic.

  3. xas

  4. They are in the buildcraft jar file in the buildcraft folder

  5. <3:-VXD:-Q:[email protected]:-C:-O:-|X-(:-/o_O:-D:-X:'(:-\O:-):-[:-):-(;-):-P=-O:-*:OB-):-$:-!

    • I have been playing with RP2 for quite a while now and I have a few susggetions that I think would help improve RP2 a little. I am just putting it out there as something to think about, not obligations. As I am unsure on how susggetions like this will be received I will limit myself to five.A Bluetricity diode Simply a way to prevent ovens and sorting machines from draining the battery boxes that opens my massive hanger door (Driven by frame motors) while still allowing them to all charge from one source.andA Desk mount voltmeter A block that connects to a bluetricity feed and gives a red stone charge when a predetermined level is reached. (If the power available to my hanger door drops below say 50% this could force it to open so that I don’t get stuck inside when the power is completely depleted, or at least turn on a big blue warning light when it is low.I am also a big fan of RP2 s fluid management system, I know it is still in its infancy and I am sure you have already thought of things like this but I will voice these anyway.Valves When pumping fluids around it would be very useful to be able to redirect the flow by closing one and opening another. (Nothing beats hot and cold running water.) Even better if they can be controlled with red stone.andFlow Meter When fluid passes through this device it will give a red stone signal.My last suggestion is for the tools category, but it is probably going to be unfeasible as I have no idea how minecraft’s engine could support it with recoding every block in the game, (which is probably why no one has ever made one (Well not that I have seen)A Flash light A battery powered portable light source. (I thought the simplest thing to do would be clicking on a block with this tool would give the block a temporary luminescence value, but that would be a nightmare to code.)



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