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Catch butterflies with a Net:

Butterfly Mania Mod

Caught dead Butterflies can be turned into paintings (frame types: Wooden, Lapis, Iron):

Butterfly Mania Mod Butterfly Mania Mod Butterfly Mania Mod

Keep a Jar in your inventory to catch butterflies alive. Gold and Iron Jars break the fastest, Diamond Jars last the longest.

Butterfly Mania Mod Butterfly Mania Mod Butterfly Mania Mod Butterfly Mania Mod Butterfly Mania Mod


Catch a Cabbage White, a Common Brimstone, a Comma, a Green Hairstreak, an Atlas Moth and a Peacock together with a feather, and ink sac and a book to make a butterfly encyclopedia where you can collect data on the butterflies you caught.

Butterfly Mania Mod

When you right click the Encyclopedia it opens up an Index of all the butterflies you’ve caught so far. Click on a Butterfly for details. Please note that butterflies get only added to your encyclopedia when you’ve crafted the book yourself (not from creative inventory, only then it will display your Name as author in the Tooltip) and only by naturally spawned butterflies (not from the Jar)

Butterfly Mania Mod

Butterfly research

For the researching you need first of all a magnifying glass

Butterfly Mania Mod

Then you are ready to do some serious studies and bring it on paper! (Use any butterfly)

Butterfly Mania Mod

Now right click on your findings paper and you might get something like this.

Butterfly Mania Mod

Butterfly research will give you 1, 2 or 3 Fragments of Butterfly spawning data, but only from not yet discovered butterflies of the same family and same or one higher rarity of the butterfly you have studied on your crafting bench (in the upper screenshot, a yellow pansy was studied)

Hint: You can also make a present to your friends and give them high quality findings papers that you find. Getting 3 Fragments at once is quite rare.


This butterfly mod currently contains 60 unique butterflies species, where 90% of them are based on real life butterflies and around 10% are purely minecraft related.



  • 110 collectable Butterflies with very diverse spawning and behavior
  • Behaviors: wander around, feed, camp, sleep, hide from rain, hunt one another and flee from players (with different chances)
  • Butterfly Encyclopedia, collect data on the Butterflies you caught and share it with your friends in Multiplayer
  • Butterfly Research: Examine dead butterflies to reveal some information of where still undiscovered butterflies might spawn
  • The Encyclopedia also contains a lot of information on each butterfly, just click the right arrow button

More information:

  • Go to Butterfly Mania Mod page


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Butterfly Mania Mod
  • Put Butterfly Mania Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done

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