[1.6.4] Emoticons Mod Download

f38a4  Emoticons Mod 1 [1.6.4] Emoticons Mod Download

This mod adds in a small window in your chat box, which basically includes a selection of symbols you can add to your chat.

e42a1  Emoticons Mod 3 [1.6.4] Emoticons Mod Download



  • Open the Start window and search for “%appdata%” (Click on Run if on WinXP).
  • Open “Roaming” that appears, and open “.minecraft”.
  • Open “bin” (make sure you don’t have Minecraft running) and right click “minecraft.jar” and open with WinRAR (or another archiver).
  • Find the folder “META-INF” and delete it!
  • Place the contents of this mod into your “minecraft.jar”, replacing existing files.
  • Run the game and enjoy!


  • Right click on Finder and select “Go to Folder…”.
  • Type in “~/Library/Application Support/minecraft” and hit enter.
  • Open “bin” and rename the extension on “minecraft.jar” to “.zip”.
  • Run the .zip file using Archive Utility, and you’ll get a folder.
  • Enter the folder and find the subfolder “META-INF” and delete it!
  • Place the contents of this mod in that folder, replacing existing files.
  • Press cmd-a, right click a file and select “Compress X Files”.
  • You should now have “Archive.zip”. Rename this file to “minecraft.jar”.
  • Place your new “minecraft.jar” file where your old one was (bin folder).
  • Run the game and enjoy!

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