[1.6.2] Extra Bees Mod Download

3cf7b  Extra Bees Mod [1.6.2] Extra Bees Mod Download

Extra Bees is a plugin for the Forestry Mod for Minecraft, and adds many new bee species, as well as a swathe of machines to store and manipulate them


  • 111 new bee species, with different traits, products, effects and mutations, including 3 naturally occuring bees in 3 new hives.
  • 66 new honey combs, with varied products from both vanilla minecraft and mods including Forestry, Buildcraft and IC2.
  • 29 honey drop types and 5 propolis types which can be squeezed into a myriad of liquids, including creosote and fuel.
  • The Apiarist Database keeps track of discovered species and their mutations, allowing you to easily check what you need to breed a certain bee.
  • The acclimatizer allows you to change the tolerance of your bees using items such as lava and water cans.
  • Store 1000 bees in the indexer, which can also be sorted by species and type.
  • Convert your bees into liquid DNA using the genepool, for use in other genetic machines.

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      November 19, 2013, 2:39 pm

      Extra Bees is FAR from a “FAKE ASS MOD.” This may be one of those sites that hands out bullshit with a polished name on it, but Extra Bees is legit.

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