[1.6.2] Flintlock Weapons Mod Download


  • Four new flintlock weapons
  • Two ammo types
  • Unique reloading system
  • Fitting and balanced with the game, not ridiculously OP like most gun mods
  • Taking suggestions from the community and actively looking to improve and update the mod
  • Easy, quick installation (only ModLoader required)

This mod adds four new weapons: Pistol, Double-Barreled Pistol, Musket, and Revolver. The Pistol fires a bullet, a one hit kill on any mob, and must be reloaded after each shot. It also isn’t too accurate. The double-barreled pistol and revolver do the same, but can hold two and six shots at a time, respectively. The musket fires one shot at a time, but is extremely accurate while requiring twice the gunpowder to load. It also has a bayonet, allowing it to do damage equivalent to an iron sword while melee attacking.

Loading these flintlock weapons in real life is quite cumbersome, and this mod replicates that. To load a weapon, you must craft together an unloaded one, gunpowder, and your ammo. The multi-shot weapons can do this multiple times to become fully loaded.

There are also two different ammo types: round shot and buckshot. Round shot can be loaded into any weapon, and fires a single, damaging bullet. Buckshot can only be loaded into the pistol and double-barreled pistol, and fires a spray of bullets that can damage multiple enemies.

A bit about the damage:

Pistols, Muskets, and Double-barreled pistols are a guaranteed one-hit kill on any regular mob (excluding the ender dragon and wither). As I don’t fully understand the projectile damage calculations in minecraft, I just threw random numbers in until it was balanced the way I wanted it. So I can’t exactly tell you how many hearts of damage a shot does, but it is at least 20, as that’s how many hearts a zombie has, and they can be killed in one hit. With the revolver and any gun firing buckshot, however, the shot may not be a one hit kill. Specifically, a bullet has a 1 in 4 chance of not being a one-hit kill. This was due to the revolver and buckshot being a tad OP.


  • Download and install Modloader
  • Download Flintlock Weapons Mod
  • Drag and drop files from “Flintlock Weapons Mod” into “Minecraft.jar”
  • Delete META-INF file
  • Close “Minecraft.jar” and run minecraft!

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Flintlock Weapons Recipes

Round shot

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9e4b4  NQb3Zaz Flintlock Weapons Recipes


9e4b4  cyQvRqL Flintlock Weapons Recipes


9e4b4  8Fkml1m Flintlock Weapons Recipes

Double-barreled Pistol

9e4b4  OOr5vsP Flintlock Weapons Recipes


9e4b4  Dt3jJFi Flintlock Weapons Recipes

Pistol, Double-Barreled Pistol, and Revolver loading

9e4b4  HFOsjV4 Flintlock Weapons Recipes

Musket Loading

9e4b4  P9RT1ct Flintlock Weapons Recipes