[1.6.4] FoodEx Mod Download

e8b51  FoodEx Mod [1.6.4] FoodEx Mod Download

FoodEx is a simply mod which extends the current Minecraft food resources. The goal is to make Minecraft more interesting without adding an extreme amount of new things to it. You can use the mod without generating a whole new world.


  • About 40+ new Foods
  • Salades, Soups and more
  • Cookable and Craftable Foods
  • Wheat- , Reed- , Chocolate- and Sugarblock
  • More cakes
  • Enchantable foods
  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer compatible



  • 1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • 2. Open minecraft.jar/minecraft_server.jar
  • 3. Delete META-INF only in minecraft.jar
  • 4. Extract forge files into minecraft.jar/minecraft_server.jar
  • 5. Download latest FoodEx and place it into the mods folder
  • 6. Enjoy!

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