[1.6.2] GardenCraft Mod Download

GardenCraft Mod [1.6.2] GardenCraft Mod Download

This mod is designed to turn that small garden into a beautiful place to sit when the sun is out! Sometimes fences can look boring, or out of place, those beautiful gardens you wanted a nice hedge for, or even to make a maze! The purpose of this mod is to make good looking gardens. without leaves de-spawning, it also plays on making a use for being able to shear leaves off trees.


How to install GardenCraft Mod for Minecraft:

  • Make sure you installed ModLoader first and Minecraft Forge
  • Copy all the .class files into your minecraft.jar.
  • Then copy the “GardenCraft” folder (found in the textures folder) into the minecraft.jar
  • DO NOT copy the whole textures folder, else it will not work.
  • If your using MagicLauncher, extract all the .class files and the “GardenCraft” folder into a separate .zip file (for it to read the mod it needs to be so that when you open the .zip you immediately see .class files and this folder)

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GardenCraft Screenshots

5ujnux GardenCraft Screenshots

j6phfa GardenCraft Screenshots

Using Minecraft for kids Texture pack

107luz6 GardenCraft Screenshots

Using Ovo’s Rustic Texture Pack

sc9g61 GardenCraft Screenshots

Using the Default Texture Pack

9bjeyx GardenCraft Screenshots

The all new blocks in use, Slate tiles! (this is the default look for them (fits in nicely with Ovo’s Rustic texture pack)

New white tiles. The texture isn’t fantastic but it looks nice

2cy1p5h GardenCraft Screenshots

an example of the checkered tiles in use, to make a lovely kitchen ;3

11qmkuh GardenCraft Screenshots

a lovely addition to those plain walls

2d8j3hx GardenCraft Screenshots

New randomly generated flowers!

Woo outdoor lamps

20z62y0 GardenCraft Screenshots

Plant pots!!!! Will hold all types of flowers and saplings (saplings will grow into trees too)

The all new picket fence

2j0jsdj GardenCraft Screenshots

An image showing all the blocks/fowers etc and the HD textures.