[1.6.2] Highlands Mod Download

Highlands was created to make exploring and living in the world of Minecraft more fun. It adds many more mountains and hills than in vanilla Minecraft. It includes many varied environments and sub-biomes that represent features like mountains, lakes, forest clearings, valleys, and islands. It uses no modded blocks in world generation, so worlds created with Highlands can be enjoyed by anyone with Minecraft.

All of the trees’ saplings can be created in survival mode, so you can add a unique touch of greenery to your structures and landscapes, build an epic treehouse, or chop down enough wood to last a lifetime. They require a bit of exploring to get, though, you will have to gather different types of wood and venture to the nether for soul sand before you can grow them.

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Highlands also makes it more fun to explore underground. Most of biomes added by this mod have increased amounts of certain ores (usually, double normal). This way, you can find a certain biome to mine for diamonds, and another for iron, but you won’t find more of both in the same biome. Try and find out for yourself which biomes have more of which ores!

If you just want to get rolling in diamonds as soon as possible:

  • Alps, Pinelands, and Mountains have more iron.
  • Autumn Woods, Savannah, and Outback have more gold.
  • Cliffs have all ores generate up to double height, with the same frequency.
  • Highlands, Mixed forests, Tall Pine Forests, and Bogs have more coal.
  • Tundra will generate ice underground (same frequency as coal).
  • Woodland Mountains and Meadows have more diamonds and more underground water (Woodland Mountains also have more waterfalls).
  • Rainforests and Tropics have more redstone and lapis lazuli.
  • Volcanoes have double or triple of all ores, but have lava underground at the same frequency as iron.

There are two world types, Highlands and Highlands LB (Large Biomes). You can also use Highlands with default worlds, for compatibility with other mods.

Highlands was inspired mostly by Biomes o’ Plenty and ExtraBiomesXL (two amazing mods that are both compatible with Highlands, if you edit a few settings).


  • 26 new biomes
  • 10 new tree types
  • Highlands and Highlands Large Biomes World Types
  • biome-specific ore generation (some biomes have more ores!)
  • All trees can be grown with saplings and bonemeal
  • More mountainous terrain
  • Mountains, lakes, and valleys
  • Villages in more biomes
  • Uses Forge


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download Highlands Mod zip file
  • Put Highlands Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it
  • Highlands will generate a settings file the first time you run Minecraft
  • If you are upgrading from an older version, make sure to delete your old HighlandsSettings.txt file first
  • Run Minecraft and Enjoy

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Highlands Screenshots


High mountains covered in deep snow, with occasional tall pine trees and shrubs.

00a0d  JbhtB Highlands ScreenshotsAutumn Forest:

Same as a vanilla Minecraft forest, but with orange leaves. The forest floor has more pumpkins and flowers.

00a0d  OjaQ8 Highlands ScreenshotsBog:

A brown murky lowland with dead trees.

00a0d  QiU1N Highlands Screenshots


A tall plateau with shrubs and cobblestone boulders on the ground.

00a0d  UN6Ow Highlands Screenshots


A hilly desert with nothing but sandy hills and rare oasis with palm trees.

396c7  FKg1x Highlands Screenshots


A moderately hilly landscape with lots of tall grass, shrubs, and scattered short trees.

396c7  XHuZ3 Highlands Screenshots

Mixed Forest:

Forest biome with oak, birch, and pine trees.

396c7  5pfNK Highlands Screenshots


An evergreen version of Highlands.

396c7  dBScE Highlands Screenshots


A tropical forest with abundant big trees and bright colors, and lots of lakes and rivers.

396c7  WeAv2 Highlands Screenshots

Tall Pine Forest:

Taiga trees and fir trees tower above this snowy biome. The forest floor has tall grass and shrubs. Frozen lakes and ponds can be found here as well.

396c7  pf1xj Highlands Screenshots


A dry, flat biome with scattered trees.

396c7  UYtno Highlands Screenshots

Sequoia Grove:

A moderately hilly biome with small shrubs and giant Sequoia trees.

396c7  K0HGS Highlands Screenshots


A hot, humid biome with tall flat-topped trees and low shrubs.

396c7  BMDB3 Highlands Screenshots


A flat landscape with grass, flowers, and poplar trees.

396c7  NvBVK Highlands Screenshots


A flat, desolate biome with deep snow. Only a few scattered shrubs can provide wood.

396c7  gskVT Highlands Screenshots

Primordial Forest:

A dense jungle with every tree in vanilla minecraft, plus every tree from this mod.

396c7  h4LYj Highlands Screenshots


A semi-desert with patches of sand and grass and shrubs.

396c7  Y6TTk Highlands Screenshots


A deep forest with many big trees.

396c7  4vMdg Highlands Screenshots

Woodland Mountains:

Woodlands trees on some of the craziest terrain Minecraft can generate.

396c7  GHHmg Highlands Screenshots

All trees can be grown by crafting their saplings and using bonemeal. They will not grow without it. All sapling recipes are shapeless. Trees will grow through structures, but will not replace any blocks. Be careful where you bonemeal (especially with Sequoias!).Fir tree:

A tall pine tree that grows in the Alps and Tall Pine Forest.

Sapling recipe: one pine sapling, one soul sand, and one pine log.

396c7  LLNLOY9 Highlands Screenshots

Acacia tree:

A short, flat topped tree that grows in the Savannah.

Sapling recipe: one jungle sapling, one soul sand, and one regular oak log.

396c7  H9IED6E Highlands Screenshots

Canopy tree:

A tall, flat topped tree that grows in the Tropics.

Sapling recipe: one jungle sapling, one soul sand, and one jungle log.

396c7  Md6Dqwd Highlands Screenshots

Poplar tree:

A thin tree that grows in the Meadow.

Sapling recipe: one birch sapling, one soul sand, and one oak log.

99016  ALhNJzz Highlands Screenshots

Great Oak tree:

A larger version of Minecraft’s default oaks that grows in Woodlands and Woodland Mountains.

Sapling recipe: one oak sapling, one soul sand, and one oak log.

99016  SWO2oKn Highlands Screenshots

Sequoia tree:

These massive trees grow in Sequoia Groves.

Sapling recipe: one fir tree sapling, one soul sand, and one oak log.

99016  RIFN0di Highlands Screenshots

Beech Tree:

Minecraft’s big trees but with birch logs and leaves, grows in Woodlands and Woodland Mountains.

Sapling recipe: one birch sapling, one soul sand, and one birch log.

99016  pgYT8vi Highlands Screenshots

Dead Big Tree:

Minecraft’s big trees with no leaves. Grows in Bogs.

Sapling recipe: none. You can’t grow a tree that’s already dead! (sapling available in creative mode)

99016  E5JKee3 Highlands Screenshots

Palm Tree:

A small tree that might save your life on a desert island or in the dunes.

Sapling Recipe: one jungle sapling and one regular log.

Evergreen Bush / Deciduous bush:

Small shrubs like the jungle shrubs. They grow in various biomes.

Sapling recipe: one pine sapling and one pine log / one oak sapling and one oak log.

Ironwood Tree:

A really, really big tree. It does not spawn anywhere naturally but you can grow it yourself.

Sapling recipe: one sequoia sapling, one great oak sapling, one beech sapling, one canopy tree sapling, and one block of iron.

STAND BACK as far as you can when using bonemeal or you could suffocate in the trunk.