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af399  John Mod 5 John Recipes

John was an awesome mob, he was spooky, fast, strong, and dropped a sword

John’s Specs:

  • ​Has 40 health
  • Deals 2.5 damage
  • Spawns by himself
  • Spawns in Daylight
  • Drops a new Gem “Immortality Gem”
  • John will not take fire damage
  • John Takes No Fall Damage
  • New Sounds (Scary!)
  • Baby John Jr. spawns in small groups!
  • Mega Giant John Spawns at Night! (rare)


  • 1. Locate your “.minecarft” folder ( Run > %appdata% > “.minecarft” )
  • 2. Once in your “.minecraft” folder locate your minecraft.jar ( .minecraft > bin > minecraft.jar )
  • 3. Open the Minecraft.jar with Winrar or any 7zip opener.
  • 5. Drag and drop Modloader and AudioMod into your minecraft.jar
  • 6. close your minecraft.jar
  • 7. Locate your “.minecraft” folder
  • 8. Open up my mod (John mod)
  • 9. Simply drag over the “mods” and “Resources” folder into your “.minecraft” folder
  • 10. Done!

Download links for other versions:






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