[1.7.2] Magic Wands Mod Download



0a49d  Magic Wands Mod 1 Magic Wands Screenshots

Fast fence buildingits taken from your inventory, but placed instantly

46ed8  Magic Wands Mod 2 Magic Wands Screenshots

THIS is the mining wand mining resources for later use with the building wand.

46ed8  Magic Wands Mod 3 Magic Wands Screenshots

Diamond mine made using the Destructive Magic Wand

46ed8  Magic Wands Mod 4 Magic Wands Screenshots

Now you dont have to climb big trees. Just use the Mining wand.

e82a5  Magic Wands Mod 5 Magic Wands Screenshots

Hold XV to build this anti-mob torch pattern.

e82a5  Magic Wands Mod 6 Magic Wands Screenshots

Building sandstone shelter with 2 clicks… and lots of sandstone in inventory D

e82a5  Magic Wands Mod 7 Magic Wands Screenshots

Diggy Diggy Hole

8d879  Magic Wands Mod 8 Magic Wands Screenshots

The rare 2x2x2 diamond deposit!

8d879  Magic Wands Mod 9 Magic Wands Screenshots

This used to be a diamond mine. Now it is a swimming pool. filled with water using the Reinforced Building Magic Wand



Crafting recipes are shown in the video.

BASIC WANDS – cheap & weak

Breaking . Building. . Mining

W-wood, S-iron ingot, G-gold ingot, D-diamond

REINFORCED WANDS – expensive & overpowered
– with Iron, Gold and Diamond blocks!

Breaking .. Building. .. Mining
O S O……O G O…..O D O
O S O……O G O…..O D O
O S O……O G O…..O D O

O-obsidian!, S-iron block, G-gold block, D-diamond block

Blocks are crafted of 9 iron / gold / diamonds.

0a49d  Magic Wands Mod 1 [1.7.2] Magic Wands Mod Download

What it can do?

  • Building wand
  • Building houses, lines, cubes
  • Filling holes with water and lava
  • Smart placing of torches
  • Filling caves with stone
  • Mining wand
  • Mining blocks
  • Mining ores from surface
  • Selective mining of wood, dirt etc.
  • Super cheat: Mining ores from surface
  • Breaking wand
  • Destroying stuff (drops no items)
  • Can spare ores
  • Can destroy only plants and leaves

How to use Magic Wands?

Wands can build (mine) anything rectangular – box, layer, line…

  • 1) Right click one corner of the box you want to build (break, mine)
  • 2) Hold some ACTION KEY and right click the opposite corner.

What are Action Keys?

  • Right click any block while holding LEFT CTRL key to get a wand-specific help.

8d879  wandsusageupdate [1.7.2] Magic Wands Mod Download


  • Backup your minecraft.jar
  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Copy the MagicWands zip file (whole, as is) to .minecraft/mods. If that dosen’t work, extract it into minecraft.jar

PROPERTY FILE: .minecraft/config/magicwands.properties

Property file lets you: 

  • Enable OBSIDIAN and BEDROCK breaking
  • Enable fast mode (good for large builds / mining)
  • Change keys (Action keys, and the Help key)
  • Change IDs

FREE BUILD MODE – build freely!

  • In this mode, no resources are taken from your inventory
  • Basic wands have same parameters as the reinforced ones
  • Wands are not damaged on use.
  • This mode can be enabled in the properties file by changing

Download links for other versions:







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