[1.6.2] Minegicka II Mod Download

17aa2  Minegicka II Mod [1.6.2] Minegicka II Mod Download


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download Minegicka II Mod
  • Put Minegicka II Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done

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Minegicka II Screenshots



17aa2  ArxhmmS Minegicka II Screenshots


17aa2  ZRAcdxR Minegicka II Screenshots


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Minegicka II Recipes

054d6  PLIP3bv Minegicka II Recipes

Staves’ unique abilities:

“A:” this means ACTIVE
“P:” this means PASSIVE
Staves’ unique active ability will be casted when there’s no element queued in the queue bar and the player uses the staff. If not in creative mode, cooldown is applied.
Passive ability will always happen when player holds the staff

  • Fire staff: shoot fireball ; fire immunity
  • Water staff: transform moving water into still water ; water breathing
  • Cold staff: cause nearby entities to have slower moving speed ; slowness immunity to
  • Steam staff: push entities away ; slower falling speed, no fall damage, just like chicken
  • Life staff: heal nearby entities excluding the caster ; holder has health generating
  • Ice staff: freeze water ; set snow on the block the holder is walking on
  • Shield staff: target projectiles back to its shooter ; deflect projectiles
  • Lightning staff: cast lightning ; randomly damage a wet entity nearby
  • Arcane staff: choose 1 random entity nearby, including the holder, and deal massive damage ; randomly damage a nearby entity
  • Earth staff: pull flying entities downward ; gives damage resistance