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f127d  rJ97quw Mo’ Foods + RecipesOlive Planks: Made from Olive Log

f127d  kJPfqEk Mo’ Foods + Recipes

3 Raw Bacon is made from one raw porkchop

f127d  RWW2ZSy Mo’ Foods + Recipes

3 Thick Raw Bacon is made from 2 raw pork chops

f127d  9audX6u Mo’ Foods + Recipes

Raw Bacon cooks into Cooked Bacon

f127d  3LvHOEv Mo’ Foods + Recipes

Cooked Bacon cooks again into Crispy Bacon

f127d  iPDfNto Mo’ Foods + Recipes

Raw Thick Bacon cooks into Cooked Thick Bacon

f127d  j1WFw2c Mo’ Foods + Recipes

Raw Lamb cooks into Cooked Lamb chop

f127d  Nb2DgDr Mo’ Foods + Recipes

Butter is made from a bucket of milk

f127d  TE6ZMSQ Mo’ Foods + Recipes

Flour is made from 9 wheat

f127d  Qpq7879 Mo’ Foods + Recipes

Dough is made from 1 flour and 3 butter. Butter has a damage value of 6 so you’ll get three slightly damaged butter blocks back. Like so…

f127d  Dk7XGa7 Mo’ Foods + Recipes

f127d  ZUUJBG6 Mo’ Foods + Recipes

A Cooking bowl is made from 6 glass panes like this

f35db  bIrvtte Mo’ Foods + Recipes

To prep a dish for cooking a pie, a bowl and 5 pastry around the sides and top

f35db  Hnv25Ut Mo’ Foods + Recipes

A bucket of gravy is made from water and raw beef

f35db  inzh041 Mo’ Foods + Recipes

All these ingredients in this shape make uncooked Steak Pie

f35db  Ha8sTA5 Mo’ Foods + Recipes

Then you cook the steak pie f35db  biggrin Mo’ Foods + Recipes

f35db  bBhVKul Mo’ Foods + Recipes

Rotten Leather has no use so far, but I have big plans for this

f35db  RC3tCO9 Mo’ Foods + Recipes

Olive oil, will be used in some cooking recipes. Made by surrounding a glass bottle with olives

f35db  GNaOwSB Mo’ Foods + Recipes

Glass Jar, will be used to hold certain things. made from a hollow diamond of 4 glass panes.

f35db  qmVUmAL Mo’ Foods + Recipes

A handle is made like this

f35db  Wtjj5N1 Mo’ Foods + Recipes

You can make knives with handle and iron like this

f35db  QDsvuDN Mo’ Foods + Recipes

The knife can be used to cut apples into slices

f35db  sptDCNW Mo’ Foods + Recipes

A knife can also be used to make a sliced loaf

f35db  aWjnYmA Mo’ Foods + Recipes

A sliced loaf is put in the crafting table to make a bread slice. Bread has 6 damage value, so you can get 6 slices from one loaf. Bread slices stack in twos

f35db  55IMwyy Mo’ Foods + Recipes

You can butter bread slices like so.

39a96  Mo Foods Mod [1.6.2] Mo’ Foods + Mod Download

Mo’ Foods+ is a mod dedicated towards bringing a more sophisticated, wide range of foods and food making technology. Added the “+” because it has more than just edible items, but these items are based on food. This mod adds several new foods and the list is ever growing, but it also contains at least 1 new tree, at least 1 new naturally generating block. It also adds one of the simplest additions, which should be in vanilla. Sheep drop lamb.

What is in it?

39a96  Mo Foods Mod 1 [1.6.2] Mo’ Foods + Mod Download

f127d  Mo Foods Mod 2 [1.6.2] Mo’ Foods + Mod Download


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Mo’ Foods + Mod
  • Put Mo’ Foods + Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done

Download links for other versions:



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