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CoreUpgrade – item that is needed to craft all other upgrades.

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All storage upgrades increase the number of slots in your chest.

Wood Storage Upgrade – 9 slots

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Stone Storage Upgrade – 12 slots

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Iron Storage Upgrade – 18 slots

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Gold Storage Upgrade – 36 slots

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Diamond Storage Upgrade – 72 slots

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Breakable Upgrade – this upgrade makes the chest breakable. This means that you can break down the the chest and take it with you. But after applying the upgrade will not be possible to open chest and to apply any upgrades

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Stack Size Upgrade – this upgrade makes it so that in the slot of the chest you can put only one thing (1 stone, 1 sword, etc.). But the number of slots the chest increased by 5 times.

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Workbench Upgrade – this upgrade adds to your chest real workbench.

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Furnace Upgrade – this updgrade add to yout chest real working furnace

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Stone Chest – main and only chest.

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Modular Chests is a mod that adds special chests and upgrades for them.


  • Right-Click with upgrade on a chest to apply it.
  • Storage upgrades you can apply only on sides of the chest.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download Modular Chests Mod
  • Copy Modular Chests Mod jar file into the mods folder inside .minecraft.
  • Done


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