[1.6.2] Portal Gun Mod Download



  • 1. Go to your minecraft folder. (If you don’t know how to, look it up)
  • 2. Place the zip file in the /mods/ folder and run the game.
  • 3. If you want to change a setting (eg: a block id), go to /config/ and open “PortalGun.properties” with your favourite text editor.


  • 1. Drop the zip in the /mods/ folder of the server root folder.


  • The mod requires Minecraft Forge
  • The mod DOES NOT auto resolve ID issues like some other mods.
  • Do check the default properties file, enough comments have been added for your understanding.
  • The server only works on VANILLA server at the moment.

Topmost Issues With Latest Version:

  • Crashing with: cpw.mods.fml.common.LoaderException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: portalgun.common.PortalGunThere are NEW installation steps now. Just dragdrop the zip into the mods folder. Repeat, DO NOT extract it.DO NOT EXTRACT THE ZIP FILE!
  • See through portals does not work right. (However if they rotate your camera, please redownload and reinstall)

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Portal Gun Recipes

Mod Part 0:

Default Portal Gun

tGyT8 Portal Gun Recipes

Atlas’ Portal Gun

9klSi Portal Gun Recipes

P-Body’s Portal Gun

Z7hWd Portal Gun Recipes

Bacon Gun

imhNr Portal Gun Recipes

  • Fire Portals with the left and right mouse buttons.
  • Zoom in and out with the middle mouse button.
  • Grab blocks or entities with the “G” button.
  • Reset portals with the “R” button.
  • For the bacon gun, the portal’s colour is randomly generated. However, it can be defined in the properties file.
  • This is your special set of portals on SMP. Unique per individual.

Portal Spawners

zbqZa Portal Gun Recipes

  • When placed, a GUI will pop up asking you to set the colour, and if the portal stays open if redstone power is cut.
  • When powered with redstone, it will spawn a portal based on the colour you set.

Portal Gun Pedestals

Kdi8Y Portal Gun Recipes

  • Accepts any type of portal gun.
  • Automatically fire portals when it receives redstone current.
  • Portal Gun can be retrieved by right clicking or walking into them

Single Coloured Default Portal Gun

l2GEP Portal Gun Recipes 9fZkW Portal Gun Recipes

  • Fires only one type of portal.
  • Will automatically merge with the single coloured portal gun of the other colour to form a dual portal gun.
  • Can also be crafted together.

Long Fall Boots

4m1wP Portal Gun Recipes

Wn0RH Portal Gun Recipes

  • Negates all your falling damage when worn!

Fuel option

NEW 1.3.2v1

jNe2b Portal Gun Recipes 3rEy2 Portal Gun Recipes

  • You can now enable a fuel option in 1.3.2v1 onwards in the config file.
  • The fuel that the portal gun uses is in form of Ender Pearl Dust.
  • One ender pearl dust is used every time you fire a portal.
  • If you run out of ender pearl dust the portal gun will dim and refuse to fire.

Mod Part 1:

Weighted Storage Cube

043gl Portal Gun Recipes

Placing it in the world and right clicking it with a rose will transform it into a companion cube!

NSPq2 Portal Gun Recipes

Whilst in your inventory, the companion cube will help heal you every 5 seconds!

Incinerating the cube (How could you!?) will cause it to leave behind a recorded message.

c5s7Z Portal Gun Recipes

Smelting the disc will cause the plastic to deteriorate, changing the entire track!

FfeQY Portal Gun Recipes

Crafting two of the first discs together will also change the track.

rp1bP Portal Gun Recipes


Qa5aA Portal Gun Recipes

  • Plays the radio loop record repeatedly.
  • Can be turned off with right click (configurable)

Weighted Storage Cube Vent

Il5xU Portal Gun Recipes

Weighted Companion Cube Vent

9BPkj Portal Gun Recipes

  • Placed on ceilings.
  • Requires redstone power.
  • Cubes deployed cannot be broken.
  • Redeploys new cube if redstone is still supplied and cube gets destroyed.

NEW: 1.2.5v1

Right clicking the cube with cyan dye will make it bouncy! Get rid of the bounciness by putting it in water.

(Initially a request by TheFrogMC for the portal 2 gels mod, but I found it too fun to make it exclusive to that mod)

Mod Part 2:

Material Emancipation Grid

FKaqV Portal Gun Recipes

  • These are placed from wall to wall, and has a maximum range of 15 blocks.
  • Pouring fluid through it will disable it.
  • These grids have several modes, which are configurable in the properties file.
  • These grids are also configurable to have to be redstone powered.

Mod Part 3:

Sentry Turrets

U1SCr Portal Gun Recipes

(Model made in Techne)

  • Shoots anything, configurable in properties file.
  • Has range of 20 blocks, also configurable.
  • Fires 20 bullets a second.
  • Will die if pushed over.

Defective Turrets

zKWj6 Portal Gun Recipes

When sentry turrets get smelted, their sleek body polish melts off and their circuits gets messed up!

Mod Part 4:

Aerial Faith Plates

WCRwa Portal Gun Recipes

  • Can be placed on floors, walls and ceilings.
  • Wall plates can be oriented to look upwards or downwards.
  • Right click to adjust the power.
  • Can be set to be redstone powered to work.

Electronic Intelligence Indicator

nkoW6 Portal Gun Recipes

  • Intelligently indicates if it is indirectly being powered by redstone
  • Warning: Will not increase intelligence if ingested.

Mod Part 5:

High Energy Pellet Launcher

XFvfL Portal Gun Recipes

  • Launches a High Energy Pellet when powered by redstone.
  • High Energy Pellets disintegrates living things on contact (Configurable to knockback)
  • High Energy Pellets spontaneously combusts if it bounces too many times, travels too far or lives for too long.

High Energy Pellet Catcher

OwMD3 Portal Gun Recipes

  • Catches a High Energy Pellet to provide redstone power.
  • Can be sneak right-clicked to release caught High Energy Pellet.

Mod Part 6:

Discouragement Beam Emitter

xLspa Portal Gun Recipes

  • Forms a high powered laser when powered with redstone!
  • Lasers travel 40 blocks maximum from the last object portal/cube it goes through, to a maximum of 20 objects (This is so to prevent any overloading of the game)
  • Can be configured to cause damage to living creatures.
  • Due to my limitation in Mathematics, lasers will only go directly vertical, even when going through a wall portal at an angle into a ceiling/floor portal. (Sorry!)

Discouragement Beam Catcher

Etg7o Portal Gun Recipes

  • Receives laser as its input to produce redstone power.

Discouragement Beam Sensor

MAWkH Portal Gun Recipes

  • Detects the presence of a laser going through it to produce redstone power.

Discouragement Redirection Cube

gJiEo Portal Gun Recipes

  • Refracts a Thermal Discouragement Beam to the direction it faces.
  • Grabbed with the G (default) button.
  • Becomes bouncy if right clicked with cyan dye!

Discouragement Redirection Cube Vent

GiCi3 Portal Gun Recipes

  • Check Weighted Cube Vents for info.

Checkpoint Blocks

w1iHf Portal Gun Recipes

  • Will temporarily save player status, portals, and portal entities at the moment when the player walks pass it, set in the GUI.
  • Restores the above when the player dies and respawns (Note, this will move you away from your bed [if present] after you respawn).
  • Also can power redstone 2 blocks below it like pressure plates.