[1.6.2] Project Bench Mod Download

Project Bench Mod 1 [1.6.2] Project Bench Mod Download

This is a very simple mod that only adds one thing to the game, the Project Bench. It’s a simple block that is one part crafting bench, one part chest. It gives you the ability to place a recipe in the crafting area and make it multiple times with the supplies from the chest portion of it. There are 18 total spaces that will supply items to craft for the recipe if it is needed.


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Screenshots and Recipes

First off, here’s the crafting recipe. (New as of version 1.5)

blz6m Screenshots and Recipes

Secondly, here’s the crafting recipe for the Upgrade item. It can be used to upgrade preexisting crafting tables. This was added to remove the redundancy of making a crafting table to make a Project Bench and then be left over with a spare crafting table.

QY61M Screenshots and Recipes

Voila, it shows the crafting result above the block! Useful for remembering which bench has what recipe!

fl6vi Screenshots and Recipes

Doing all the hard work for you. Here’s it in action. It will first use items from the attached inventory.

h96yb Screenshots and Recipes

Coexisting peacefully with other mods.

8ktZB Screenshots and Recipes