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For a long time, redstone contraptions have been limited to Mojang’s proprietary redstone dust. It is damn near impossible to make something smaller than the size of Texas, not even a simple door toggle. So, lets paint the world RƎd.


Project: Red – Microblocks

Project: Red Mod

Microblocks: Getting StartedSaw:
Project: Red Mod
A Saw is a crucial first step in order to start using microblocks. It provides the means necessary to cut a block up into various shapes and sizes. The saw does take damage when it cuts blocks, it can be used about 1000 times.

Microblocks: Recipes

Project: Red ModProject: Red ModProject: Red Mod
The Saw can be used to slice virtually any block into smaller blocks. These are called Microblocks. They can be used aesthetically to easily detail your house, or practically to separate strands of wire running next to each other.

Hollow blocks:
Project: Red Mod
You can also punch holes in the center allowing for things to pass through the center but not the edges, such as wires.

Project: Red Mod
Microblocks can be combined with each other in many ways to obtain a block that is slightly bigger. This is mainly used for aesthetic purposes.

These are only some of the many ways to manipulate microblocks. Here is a full diagram of the permutations a block can go through. Keep in mind that not only stone blocks work, these recipes work with all block types.

Project: Red – Wiring and Logic:

Project: Red Mod

oils” id=”spoilerDiveb8002″ style=”display: none; white-space: normal; overflow: auto; vertical-align: middle;”>Wiring: Getting StartedAlloy Smelter:
Project: Red Mod
For years, basic materials had limitless power, but there was no processing method to tap into this potential. By making the inside of a furnace slightly bigger and more fire resistant, you can now smelt several things together for one finished product. This is key to advancing with wiring and logic.

Wiring: Recipes

Red Alloy Ingot:
Project: Red Mod
In order to create wires, you need an alloy that is not only conductive, but also ductile and malleable. Red Alloy Ingots can be made by mixing 4 grams of redstone dust into a solution of molted iron. It is about 16 times more conductive than traditional redstone dust.

Red Alloy Wire:
Project: Red Mod
Red Alloy Ingots are soft enough to stretch into thin, useful wires by hand. They can run up walls, and can conduct a signal for 255 blocks instead of the usual 16 blocks redstone dust can conduct. When powered, they also power the block they are sitting on.

Insulated Red Alloy Wire:
Project: Red Mod
Insulated Wiring is a special type of red alloy wire that can connect to regular red alloy wire, and bundled cabling. However, different colors of Insulated Wires will not connect to each other. They will also not power the block they are sitting on.

Bundled Red Alloy Cable:
Project: Red Mod
Bundled cable allows sever colors of signal to go through them and out another side. Only Insulate wires can connect to bundled cables. Red alloy wire cannot directly make a connection without some insulation in between.

Jacketed Wires:
Project: Red ModProject: Red Mod
Using sticks, its possible to allow wires to stand by themselves. You no longer have to prop them up onto walls like regular wires. By removing the sticks, they revert to their original form.

Wiring: Mechanics

Project: Red Mod
All wires can be run along blocks including up walls and on the ceiling. They will connect around corners, and on the inside edges of blocks. Currently, only the same type of wire can reside within one 1x1x1 meter.

Red Alloy Wires:
Project: Red Mod
Red Alloy Wires will conduct redstone up to 255 blocks, and will also power the block they are sitting on. They can connect to insulated wires only.

Insulated Wires:
Project: Red Mod
Insulated wires work the same as red alloy wires, but they cannot power the block they are sitting on, because they are insulated.

Bundled Cables:
Project: Red Mod
Bundled cables can connect only to insulated wires. They are used to run several strands of colors through one convenient cable. If there is a white insulated wire connected to one side, when it receives power, all of the white wires on the entire stretch of bundled cabling will be powered as well. No other color will be effected.

Jacketed Wires:
Project: Red Mod
Jacketed wires work exactly as their counterparts, but they don’t need to be supported by a block. This is useful for running wires over other wires, or running wires where there are no other blocks.

Microblock Support:
Project: Red Mod
Microblocks can be used to separate strands of wire from each other. They will fit nice and snug in between wires and will not let them connect. Hollow micro blocks will let jacketed wires go through, but not regular wires.

Gates: Getting StartedScrewdriver:
Project: Red Mod
The screwdriver allows you to manipulate and rotate logic gates to your liking. It takes damage on use, and will need replacing at some point.

Drawplate: Copper, Iron, and Gold coils:
Project: Red ModProject: Red Mod
The drawplate is a special plate of solid diamond surrounded with strips of iron plates. it has slots in which ingots can be pressed in order to obtain a silky-smooth coil of that metal.

Silicon Boule: Silicon:
Project: Red ModProject: Red Mod
A bunch of coal and sand can be smelted together to obtain a silicon boule. Thin slices of silicon can be cut from the boule for practical use.

Infused Silicon: Energized Silicon:
Project: Red ModProject: Red Mod
In order to use the silicon, it must either be infused or energized, depending on what you want to do.

Project: Red Mod
A simple wafer of stone plate that can be used as a base for circuit materials can be obtained by simply smelting a piece of stone until it is nice, compact, and rigid.

Conductive plate:
Project: Red Mod
A plate embedded with redstone dust allows it to conduct electricity through it.

Wired Plate:
Project: Red Mod
A plate embedded with red alloy wire allows it to conduct more levels of electricity than a simple conductive plate.

Bundled Plate:
Project: Red Mod
A plate embedded with bundled cable that lets it conduct 16 different signals.

Project: Red Mod
The negative redstone terminal is the source of redstone electrons.

Project: Red Mod
The positive redstone terminal is the destination for redstone electrons.

Pointer: Motor:
Project: Red ModProject: Red Mod
An Anode with a small moter at the top allows the needle to spin as power is drawn from negative to positive.

Silicon Chip:
Project: Red Mod
A plate embedded with silicon allows for some advanced memory-oriented tasks.

Energized Silicon Chip:
Project: Red Mod
A plate embedded with energized silicon allows for some advanced randomized tasks.

Platformed Plate:
Project: Red Mod
2 layers of plates each embedded with red alloy wire allows signals to be crossed without overlapping.

Light Sensor

Project: Red Mod
The Light Sensor can be used to detect the amount of light level hitting an area. Using a screwdriver, the threshold can be changed. There is also an ambient sensor mode, that outputs the analog redstone signal with a level matching what is hitting the solar array (0 – 15).

Project: Red – Lighting:

Project: Red Mod

Lighting: Getting StartedIllumar:
Project: Red Mod
Illumar is the glowing remnants of dye and glowstone crushed together. It seems to illuminate when it receives a steady redstone signal.

Lighting: Recipes

Project: Red ModProject: Red Mod
There are 2 versions of the basic Lamp. Inverted, and non inverted. When powered, the non-inverted ones turn on, and the inverted ones turn off.

Project: Red ModProject: Red Mod
Just like lamps, there are inverted and non-inverted.

Lighting: Mechanics

Project: Red Mod
When lamps are turned on, they emit a light level of 15. They also emit a glowing halo around them tinted with the color of the lamp.

Project: Red Mod
Lanterns work similarly to lamps. They emit a 15 light level when turned on. However, they need to be supported by a solid block, either the sides, top, or bottom.

Project: Red – Machines

Things to be implemented are:


  • Paint
  • Logistics


  • Microblock support
  • Advanced motor that moves in all directions


  • Deployers.
  • Breakers
  • Sorting

Additional Components
Wool Gin:
Project: Red ModProject: Red Mod
The Wool Gin can be used to convert any color of wool into 4 strands of String. The wool gin does take damage each use, and will eventually need to be replaced.Woven Cloth: Backpacks:
Project: Red ModProject: Red Mod
Backpacks can be used for additional storage on the go. It has the same space as a regular chest, but cannot accept other backpacks. They can also be recolored via a shapeless recipe of the bag and a color dye of your choice.

The a soon-to-be complete replacement for RedPower2 Microblocks, Wiring, Logic, Lighting, and Machines.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download Project: Red Mod
  • Put jar file into your /.minecraft/mods folder
  • Done

Download links for other versions:





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  1. Why is it SOOO hard to find this mod for 1.6.4 I’ve been sifting for HOURS trying to find this mod. And you click the download and it leads you to a download for 1.7.10! Ples Fix.



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