[1.7.10] RPG-Hud Mod Download



07868  RPG Hud Mod 1 RPG Hud Screenshots

07868  RPG Hud Mod 2 RPG Hud Screenshots

4802f  RPG Hud Mod 3 RPG Hud Screenshots


This mod is very simple, it turns your Hud (heads-up display) into a RPG one.


  • Health bar
  • Health value
  • Hunger bar
  • Hunger value
  • Xp bar
  • Xp value
  • Breath bar
  • Breath value
  • Displays if specific armor piece is under 50% durability
  • Displays if specific armor piece is under 25% durability


  • Download and install Modloader
  • Download RPG-Hud Mod
  • Open the minecraft.jar (open %appdata%)
  • Copy the files in the RPG-Hud Mod Files folder into it
  • Enjoy

Download links for other versions:






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