[1.6.4] SimCraft Mod Download



5719a  brewery SimCraft Screenshots

Brewery[Barrels, Destillery, Fermenter]

0d5cb  bricks tiles SimCraft Screenshots
Bricks and Tiles in SimCraft

09714  carpets SimCraft Screenshots
Carpets in SimCraft [carpets, slabs, full block]

ee5f8  corners invslopes SimCraft Screenshots
Corners and Slopes crafted from the bricks and tiles

a1155  doors windows SimCraft Screenshots
Doors and windows you can use on SimCraft

f9030  fences panes walls SimCraft Screenshots
You can also craft fences, walls and Fence walls

0ace8  fish SimCraft Screenshots
32 Oceaan fish you can catch and release

b665b  fish underwater SimCraft Screenshots
Fish swimming under water, they eat dirt which will then turn into ocean coral

f54c8  furniture SimCraft Screenshots
Furniture in SimCraft[Tables, Chairs, Display Cases, Fish Tank Glass

d71b8  machines SimCraft Screenshots
Machines used in SimCraft

a4259  ores stones SimCraft Screenshots
The ores and stones generated in world and all minable

d71bc  plants crops trees SimCraft Screenshots
Plants, Crops and Trees you will find in SimCraft

351fd  rooftops SimCraft Screenshots
30 Rooftop types each with 12 unique building pieces.

fb862  slabs SimCraft Screenshots
Slabs that can be crafted from SimCraft bricks, tiles and wood

7be3c  stairs slopes SimCraft Screenshots
Stairs and Slopes that can be crafted from SimCraft bricks, tiles and wood

4f2b4  woodplanks logs SimCraft Screenshots
Wooden Planks and logs that can be obtained from the Trees

A Mod design with creativity and realism in mind providing you with a complete new game dynamic and loads of extra building options. The mod is primarily based on HD textures lower resolutions however will be available later and it’s currently a work in progress, the lowest currently is 64bit. The concept of SimCraft is to enhance your building and mining experience and to allow you to extend your game with endless possibilities, we are really set out to keep game balance in tact and provide you with a very authentic feeling when playing with SimCraft

For those concerned about using 64bit texture, don’t be the textures really fit in nicely with the default vanilla textures, and you don’t really see a major drop in fps. This mod is huge in fact it’s the biggest mod available to date.

We have taken minecraft to a whole new level, the mod fully supports both SSP and SMP and the only dependencies at the moment is Forge.With SimCraft you will be able to build more types of buildings, mine more ores, have loads of decorations to add to your homes and this is only the beginning. The mod will always be well balanced, some features will be hard to craft or acquire while others will be a lot easier, but we try to keep a balance between content and usability of the item or block added


  • Download and intsall Minecraft Forge installer
  • Just copy the jar into your /mods folder.
  • Enjoy

Download links for other versions:



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