[1.6.2] Smiley34′s Adventure Time Mod Download

This mod adds characters from the “Adventure Time” cartoon series and some items.There are Finn,Jake,The Ice King,Gunter The Penguin,BMO and Marceline, and Finn’s Sword and Marceline’s Axe.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download Smiley34′s Adventure Time Mod
  • Put Smiley34′s Adventure Time Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it. If you don’t have a mods folder, create it
  • Done

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Smiley34′s Adventure Time Information

The Scarlet:
Durability: 1500
Damage: 8 heartsMarceline’s Axe:
Durability: 1500
Damage: 9 hearts
Effect – W.I.P.

Dagger Of Ice:
Durability: 1500
Damage: 5 hearts
Spawns ice blocks on the ground on right click.

Demon Blood Sword:
Durability: 1500
Damage: 8 hearts
Spawns fire on the ground on right click.
Effect – W.I.P.

Health: 30 hearts
Damage: 5 hearts
Drop: “Demon Blood Sword”
Rare Drop: “The Scarlet”

Health: 30 hearts
Damage: 4 hearts
Drop: Cooked Beef or Bacon Pancakes

Health: 10 hearts
Damage: peaceful
Drop: Redstone Dust

The Ice King:
Health: 40 hearts
Damage: 4 hearts
Drop: “The Ice Dagger”

Health: 10 hearts
Damage: peaceful
Drop: snowball
(Now With Sounds)

Health: 50 hearts
Damage: 15 hearts
Drop: “Marceline’s Axe”

Raw Bacon:
Crafting:  – – –   ” -” – nothing
-@- @ – raw pork
– – –
Regenerates 1.5 hunger bars.
Dog Food-True.

Crafting:  Smelt raw bacon.
Regenerates 2.5 hunger bars.
Dog Food-True.

Crafting: – – –   M – bucket of milk
MEF  E – egg
– – – F – flour
Regenerates 2.5 hunger bars.
Dog Food-False.

Bacon Pancake:
Crafting: – B –  B – bacon
– P –  P – pancake
– – –
Regenerates 5 hunger bars.
Dog Food-False.

Crafting: – – –
– W –  W – wheat
– – –
Magical Frog
Its used to light the portal made out of oak logs(currently only optainable in creative mode)

Smiley34′s Adventure Time Screenshots


639f5  Smiley34s Adventure Time Mod 1 Smiley34′s Adventure Time Screenshots

The ice king

29fd6  Smiley34s Adventure Time Mod 2 Smiley34′s Adventure Time Screenshots


282bc  Smiley34s Adventure Time Mod 3 Smiley34′s Adventure Time Screenshots


ebcb7  Smiley34s Adventure Time Mod 4 Smiley34′s Adventure Time Screenshots


13530  Smiley34s Adventure Time Mod 5 Smiley34′s Adventure Time Screenshots