[1.6.4] The Borderlands Weapon Mod Download

This mod was originally intended to be a full out Borderlands mod. This mod currents adds a variety of items such as randomly generated pistols and shotguns, randomly generated shields (which go in the chest armor slot), randomly generated grenade mods (which go in boot armor slot, g to throw grenades by default), Marauders, Psychos, Eridium, and more from Borderlands to your singleplayer and multiplayer Minecraft experience. You can find things such as weapons and shields in the combat tab in creative, and they have a small chance to be dropped by any mob on death. There’s Vladof, Jakobs, you name it, each gaining abilities as presented in the game. For example, Jakobs weapons will fire as fast as you can click, Pangolin shields will reduce hp for increased capacity, and Maliwan weapons will always be elemental! Experiment with different gun stats, and see what works best!


  • Randomly generated pistols and shotguns. (rarity from white to orange, varying manufacturers, sprites, damage, recoil, and more, while in hand ammo indicator appears at bottom left, can drop randomly from mobs, press r to reload)
  • Randomly generated shields. (blocks incoming damage, varying capacities, recharge delay, and more, shown over hp as blue hearts, goes in chest slot, can drop randomly from mobs)
  • Randomly generated grenade mods. (goes in boot slot, press g by default to throw, has random blast radius, fuse time, manufacturer, and type, which includes singularity, MIRV, transfusion, and more)
  • ECHO communicator. (shows enemy HP and name when looking at them, goes in legs slot)
  • Marauders (spawns with random weapon)
  • Psychos (chance to spawn as midgets)
  • Eridium fragments, bars, and ores. (used to trade with villagers for weapons and shields, and to make the ECHO communicator, bars can drop randomly from mobs, ore will gen throughout world underground)
  • Ammo pickups. (drops randomly from mobs)
  • Storage deck upgrades. (Increases ammo capacities, sold by villagers, can be found in chests, right click to use, must have a smaller max capacity than labeled to use)


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download The Borderlands Weapon Mod
  • Put The Borderlands Weapon Mod

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The Borderlands Weapon Screenshots

1ccef  The Borderlands Weapon Mod 1 The Borderlands Weapon Screenshots

3616a  The Borderlands Weapon Mod 2 The Borderlands Weapon Screenshots

3616a  shield zps489385d3 The Borderlands Weapon Screenshots

3616a  grenade zps308bfd45 The Borderlands Weapon Screenshots

3616a  enemies zpse68eae88 The Borderlands Weapon Screenshots

3616a  eridium zps5ed622c1 The Borderlands Weapon Screenshots

3616a  ingame2 zps327ea327 The Borderlands Weapon Screenshots


The Borderlands Weapon Recipes

ECHO Communicator:

3616a  recipeechocommunicator zps065fb929 The Borderlands Weapon Recipes

To use, place in leg armor slot.

Eridium Bar:

3616a  eridiumBar zps632eba50 The Borderlands Weapon Recipes

3616a  eridiumBarreverse zps2906d7f5 The Borderlands Weapon Recipes