[1.6.2] The Ocarina Mod Download



First, you must mold clay into the Ocarina’s shape:

moldcrafting The Ocarina Recipes

After that, you must simply harden the clay by firing it:

ocarinasmelting The Ocarina Recipes

Then, you have your own playable Ocarina!


The Ocarina Mod adds a fully-functioning Ocarina straight from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask into Minecraft! The Ocarina functions just like it does in The Legend of Zelda. Future versions of this mod will allow you to learn and play songs that will affect gameplay!

20121231153222 [1.6.2] The Ocarina Mod Download


  • Install ModLoader
  • Extract the two folders included with these instructions into your .minecraft directory, merging
  • Play and enjoy

Download links for other versions:




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