[1.6.2] xCryptizModz CinemaCraft Mod Download

If you always look for ways to make your Minecraft look better, then you must have come across a shaders mod. If you haven’t, I’ll tell you what a shader mod is. A shader is a mod to your game that makes things like lighting, shadows, and stuff like that look better and more life like. These mods make your game look a lot better in most people’s eyes. These mods also require a pretty good graphics card. Some people want a shaders, but don’t have  graphics card that can run it. So why can’t there be a mod that meets the two issues in between? Now there is, and it’s the xCryptizModz CinemaCraft Mod. This mod gives you the looks of a shaders mod, but the speed of the game without the mod. It is meant for computers with low end graphics cards, and will run smooth on them. If you don’t have a very fast computer, but you want the beauty of shaders, then I recommend this mod for you.

xCryptizModz CinemaCraft Mod

xCryptizModz CinemaCraft Mod Main Features

  • Better Shading
  • Better Shadows
  • Good for slow computers
  • Doesn’t need a good graphics card to run

How to Use xCryptizModz CinemaCraft Mod

  • Install one of the many shader mods
  • Download this mod
  • Drop it into your shaderpacks folder
  • Play Minecraft

xCryptizModz CinemaCraft Mod Pros and Cons

  • Pros:  Better shading, better shadows, and looks and runs good on low end computers
  • Cons: Lots of things taken out from regular shaders

How to Install xCryptizModz CinemaCraft Mod

  1. Install one of the many, like the SEUS Shaders found on MinecraftDL
  2. Once that’s done, download the xCryptizModz CinemaCraft Mod
  3. Go to your .minecraft>shaderpacks folder
  4. Drag and Drop the xCryptizModz CinemaCraft Mod into the shaderpacks folder
  5. Enjoy your new shaders!



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