[1.7.2] Carpenter’s Blocks Mod Download

46e93  Carpenters Blocks Mod [1.7.2] Carpenter’s Blocks Mod Download

This mod adds slopes and a custom variety of vanilla blocks to the game! They may look like ordinary frames in their base form, but they can actually be covered with nearly any block in the game. The frame will inherits the cover block’s texture and most of it’s other properties including flammability, explosion resistance, and more.

How to use this Mod:

  • All blocks when placed will be in an uncovered state. You must cover the block with a solid, full block for it to inherit the cover block’s properties. These properties include flammability, explosion resistance, etc.
  • You can overlay blocks with grass, snow, web, vine and hay by right clicking on Carpenter’s Blocks with the items shown in the images above. A grass overlay will enable any cover block with a solid top surface to sustain plants like flowers and saplings.
  • For slopes and stairs, corners will be constructed automatically. Left- and right- clicking these blocks will alternate block directions and/or shape. Hold the sneak key to override auto-transforming.
  • Barriers will generate posts at corners and intersections. Left click any barrier to force a post. Every barrier has a matching gate type – select type by right clicking either a barrier or gate with the Carpenter’s Hammer. You can adjust vanilla barrier/gate plank depth by left clicking the block with the hammer.
  • Buttons, levers, pressure plates and the daylight sensor are capable of inverting their redstone state by left clicking them with the Carpenter’s Hammer.
  • Pressure plates can have their trigger type configured by right clicking them with the Carpenter’s Hammer. Select whether you want players, monsters, animals or all entities to influence the pressure plate.
  • Any Carpenter’s Block can have it’s overlay and cover removed by holding the sneak key and left clicking on the block.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Carpenter’s Blocks Mod
  • Put zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done


  • The Block and Item IDs are changeable through the auto-generated config file.
  • If conflicts occur, you must change the IDs in the config file to unused ones.
  • This mod uses 9 Block IDs and 1 Item ID.
  • Blocks can be selectively disabled within the config file.

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Carpenter’s Blocks Screenshots

a2a76  72wZfGX Carpenter’s Blocks Screenshots

a2a76  dCSyxX9 Carpenter’s Blocks Screenshots

a2a76  X38NRZb Carpenter’s Blocks Screenshots

a2a76  LWaNtNa Carpenter’s Blocks Screenshots

a2a76  iKov34J Carpenter’s Blocks Screenshots

a2a76  vYYOAwQ Carpenter’s Blocks Screenshots

a2a76  mWKClUZ Carpenter’s Blocks Screenshots

a2a76  x2htmgA Carpenter’s Blocks Screenshots

a2a76  2LFidhS Carpenter’s Blocks Screenshots


Carpenter’s Blocks Recipes

Carpenter’s Block

a2a76  qsFq6S7 Carpenter’s Blocks Recipes

Carpenter’s Barrier

a2a76  TjjRadN Carpenter’s Blocks Recipes

Carpenter’s Button

a2a76  oRd6o0f Carpenter’s Blocks Recipes

Carpenter’s Daylight Sensor

a2a76  AaaK6BO Carpenter’s Blocks Recipes

Carpenter’s Gate

a2a76  TDRjmpT Carpenter’s Blocks Recipes

Carpenter’s Lever

a2a76  sE9X4v2 Carpenter’s Blocks Recipes

Carpenter’s Pressure Plate

a2a76  gwLXvUA Carpenter’s Blocks Recipes

Carpenter’s Slope

ce4fc  1rExtbV Carpenter’s Blocks Recipes

Carpenter’s Stairs

ce4fc  wsRU6HT Carpenter’s Blocks Recipes

How to Apply Overlays:

Overlays give you extra freedom in customizing Carpenter’s Blocks. Unlike covers, they enable you to place grass, web, vine, snow or hay on any Carpenter’s Block in addition to covers.

ce4fc  PD9MUmI Carpenter’s Blocks Recipes

ce4fc  4LcqEQn Carpenter’s Blocks Recipes

ce4fc  mfXmqJZ Carpenter’s Blocks Recipes

ce4fc  iKvZiSN Carpenter’s Blocks Recipes

e42fe  JCeNWZK Carpenter’s Blocks Recipes

How to Create Slabs:

To create a slab, you need the Carpenter’s Block. This block has two functions: to allow any mod block to be overlaid with grass, snow, web or vine, and; to form vertical and horizontal slabs.

To shape it into a slab, right click the block with the Carpenter’s Hammer. The slab will form opposite of the side you hit. Carpenter’s Blocks placed adjacent to the slab will match the neighboring slab type automatically. Hold the sneak key while placing the block to override this behavior.

e42fe  VnycXbW Carpenter’s Blocks Recipes