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Basic Crafting Recipes:

Craftable Animals Mod Recipes

Even more recipes:

Craftable Animals Mod Recipes

Differnet kinds of tamed cats. Recipes are shapeless.

Craftable Animals Mod Recipes

Use colored wool to craft colored sheep or color them after crafting. Just put them in the crafting grid to shear them.

Craftable Animals Mod Recipes

Wolves work with every color of wool or sheep. Also you can tame them and make them angry.

Craftable Animals Mod Recipes

Use 4 slimes of one size to make a bigger one. The biggest, the giant slime, does not spawn naturally. Its size is defined in the config. Default is 10. Same with Magma Cube.

Craftable Animals Mod Recipes

Armor + zombie = armored zombie. Works with every kind of normal armor and every normal tool (not modded items).

Craftable Animals Mod Recipes

All different kinds of Villagers are possible. Even the infected villager and the witch.

Craftable Animals Mod Recipes

Different kinds of Jockeys. All are shapeless.

Craftable Animals Mod Recipes

Some recipes that fit nowhere else.



Craftable Animals Mod adds a variety of tools centered around animals. It has a function to let your craft animals the ability to use the items they drop. All vanilla mobs can be crafted, even MoCreatures. Also, it has some animal related tools such as the minimizer to turn animals into babys/adults or the animal bow. All together this mod adds 63,834 items (63504 of them are zombies with different combinations of armor and age) and 2 blocks.

Main Features:

  • Crafting animals and placing them anywhere in the world
  • Transporting and modifying animals
  • Creating and changing spawners
  • Applying armor to animals, even those that don’t support armor by default
  • Creating holograms of animals
  • Turning animals into babys/adults
  • Wearing animals as a helmet
  • Create variations of animals that don’t exist in vanilla Minecraft (e.g. a creeper jockey)
  • Ingame documentation
  • There are hundreds of animals, including all vanilla mobs. Even MoCreatures are available.

More Features:

  • Guide book: The guide book is an item that explains all features of this mod ingame. It is obtained by slaying a pig while holding a regular book. It should be the primary source for instructions about the mod, as it probably contains more up to date information than this thread.
  • Animal Bow: The Animal Bow is a new bow. It can be used to place animals far away from you. If you hit an existing animal it will be turned into the one you’ve shot. To use it you need an arrow and an animal. In Creative Mode you don’t need arrows but always an animal.
  • Empty Spawner: The empty spawner is a craftable spawner. When placed it won’t spawn anything. You can harvest it with a iron or diamond pickaxe. To turn it into an working spawner just right click it with an animal. From this point it’s a normal spawner. You can’t harvest it anymore (you can destroy it). You can still change the animal, that it spawns by right clicking it with another animal. This also work with generated spawners. This works with every animal, including colored sheep, armored zombies and MoCreatures. (I recommend not to use enderdragons).
  • Minimizer: The minimizer is used to turn animals into babys/adults. Left click any animal to turn it into a baby (you won’t punch it). Right click it to turn it into an adult. If there are no baby version of an animal, nothing will happen. This works for MoCreatures too.
  • Ender Crystal: The ender crystal works like every other block. Just right click to place it. But it also has the ability to remove existing ender crystal without explosion. To do this, simply left click and existing ender crystal while holding a crafted ender crystal.
  • Armored Animals: The animal armored is crafted like a chestplate of cobblestone.
    Using the animal armorer, you can apply armor and potions to mobs before placing them. This way you can apply armor to many animals that don’t support armor by default. For example you can add a helmet and boots to a sheep or a chestplate to a creeper. Combinations that are not possible (e.g. pants on a silverfish) will be marked with a red cross in the slot. Zombies, skeletons, zombie pigmen and wither skeletons support all four kinds of armor and a tool. You can even give them blocks. Also, you can add up to five potions (regular or splash) to any animal.
    This works with any piece of armor, even modded ones.
  • Animal Display Case: The animal display case can be used to display any animal as a model in the world. In izs settings screen, you can define its size (0.5 to 12.5 this its normal size) and its position in the world, relative the the display block. You can even set it to rotate left or right. You can stop the roatation at any point to make it stay in the angle. Again, this works with MoCreatures too.
  • Baby animals: By putting an animal, that has a baby version, together with a block of dirt in a crafting grid, you get 2 baby animals. Putting them both in a crafting grid gives you the adult version back. A baby animal has a red star it its corner, the icon will be the same. This is the only feature that currently does not work with MoCreatures.
  • Animal Soul: The animal soul can capture animals in their current form and release them again. It copies all the movement and properties of an animal (health, position of legs, angle of head, fire, …). This is useful for putting the animal in a animal display case. When caputing an animal that is ridden by something, the soul will capture all riding animals as well.
    Hovering over it in the inventory, will show some information about the captured animal.
  • Wear animals as helmet: You can equipp any animal in you helmet armor slot. The animal will sit on top of your head then. Animals don’t provide any damage reduction, they are just visual.
    You can wear normal crafted animals, baby animals or animal souls on your head.
    By shift-right-clicking on a zombie, zombie pigmen, zombie villager, skeleton or wither skeleton, you can give them a helmet too.
  • Spawners in minecarts: You can craft spawners in minecarts. You can change them like normal spawners.
  • Things riding things riding things: When you right click an existing animal with a crafted animal, you will make the crafted animal ride the existing one. This works multiple times, so you can create huge towers of animals.
    You can place animals in boats or minecarts too.
  • SMP support: Self explaining.
  • Update check: By default, the mod will check for a newer version at every start and notify you, if there is one. The guide book contains information about the current and latest version. Only newer version for the current Minecraft version will be shown. This feature can be disabled in the config.
  • Animals drop themselves: When an animal dies (killed by player or not), it will have a 10% chanche to drop itself in addition to its normal drops. The chance can be changed in the config file.
  • Remove spawn eggs: Now that you have craftable animals, you won’t need spawn eggs anymore. If you still want them for some reason, you can disable this function in the config. When removing the eggs, the mod will add a dummy item for compatiblity when playing SMP.




Here is an (incomplete) list of some of the recipes:


Once an animal has been crafted it can be:

  • placed on the ground
  • worn on your head
  • put into a spawner
  • stacked on top of other mobs
  • launched into the air, using an animal bow
  • displayed as a hologram, using the animal display case
  • turned into a baby
  • armed

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the mod
  • Go to %appdata%
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it
  • If one does not exist you can create one
  • Enjoy the mod

Download links for other versions:











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