[1.7.10] ExtrabiomesXL Mod Download

ExtrabiomesXL is a mod for Minecraft. It adds new biomes that enhance game play and make exploring fun and interesting.

ExtrabiomesXL is a collaborative open source project based on the MisterFiber’s original idea and mod.

How to install this mod

  • Properly install Minecraft Forge and then place this mod in the “mods” folder.

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ExtrabiomesXL Screenshots

58925  ExtrabiomesXL Mod 2 ExtrabiomesXL Screenshots

d8e1a  ExtrabiomesXL Mod 3 ExtrabiomesXL Screenshots

6bd5a  ExtrabiomesXL Mod 4 ExtrabiomesXL Screenshots

305e7  ExtrabiomesXL Mod 5 ExtrabiomesXL Screenshots