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This mod adds emerald, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, topaz, phoenixite, quartz, jade ores, items, blocks, tools and armor. And also colored sand and colored(tinted) glass.

None of the tools can mine obsidian, emerald tools have 750 uses and speed 7 which is slower than diamond but faster than iron. Ruby tools have 900 uses and speed 5, sapphire tools have same stats as ruby, 900 uses and 5 speed. Amethyst tools have 600 uses and speed 6, topaz tools have 800 uses and 6 speed, phoenixite tools have 700 uses and 6 speed, quartz tools have 650 uses and 6,5 speed, and jade tools has 600 uses and 6 speed.

The sapphire ores spawn under level 48, topaz under 40, ruby and amethyst under 32, phoenixite under 36, quartz under 40 and jade under 44.

Emerald armor has max damage factor of 22, ruby has 25, sapphire also has 25, amethyst has 20, topaz has 23, phoenixite has 24, quartz has 23, and jade has 20.

Phoenixite tools can be repaired by right clicking with them on lava, they also light mobs on fire.

To get glass you first put the gems in furnace to get gem dust, and then you mix a gem dust with two sand and get colored sand, then you can smelt it in furnace and you get colored glass.

There is a modloader version of this mod and a vanilla version.  The modloader version requires Modloader and ModloaderMP. The Modloader version of this mod for server only requires ModloaderMP, not Modloader.

How to get names for items:

Open minecraft.jar and open the lang folder, then find the language you use and open it with a text editor. Then add this anywhere in the file on a new row:
item.pickaxeEmerald.name=Emerald Pickaxe
item.swordEmerald.name=Emerald Sword
item.shovelEmerald.name=Emerald Shovel
item.hatchetEmerald.name=Emerald Axe
item.hoeEmerald.name=Emerald Hoe
item.helmetEmerald.name=Emerald Helmet
item.chestplateEmerald.name=Emerald Chestplate
item.leggingsEmerald.name=Emerald Leggings
item.bootsEmerald.name=Emerald Boots
tile.oreRuby.name=Ruby Ore
tile.blockRuby.name=Block of Ruby
item.pickaxeRuby.name=Ruby Pickaxe
item.swordRuby.name=Ruby Sword
item.shovelRuby.name=Ruby Shovel
item.hatchetRuby.name=Ruby Axe
item.hoeRuby.name=Ruby Hoe
item.helmetRuby.name=Ruby Helmet
item.chestplateRuby.name=Ruby Chestplate
item.leggingsRuby.name=Ruby Leggings
item.bootsRuby.name=Ruby Boots

tile.oreSapphire.name=Sapphire Ore
tile.blockSapphire.name=Block of Sapphire
item.pickaxeSapphire.name=Sapphire Pickaxe
item.swordSapphire.name=Sapphire Sword
item.shovelSapphire.name=Sapphire Shovel
item.hatchetSapphire.name=Sapphire Axe
item.hoeSapphire.name=Sapphire Hoe
item.helmetSapphire.name=Sapphire Helmet
item.chestplateSapphire.name=Sapphire Chestplate
item.leggingsSapphire.name=Sapphire Leggings
item.bootsSapphire.name=Sapphire Boots

tile.oreAmethyst.name=Amethyst Ore
tile.blockAmethyst.name=Block of Amethyst
item.pickaxeAmethyst.name=Amethyst Pickaxe
item.swordAmethyst.name=Amethyst Sword
item.shovelAmethyst.name=Amethyst Shovel
item.hatchetAmethyst.name=Amethyst Axe
item.hoeAmethyst.name=Amethyst Hoe
item.helmetAmethyst.name=Amethyst Helmet
item.chestplateAmethyst.name=Amethyst Chestplate
item.leggingsAmethyst.name=Amethyst Leggings
item.bootsAmethyst.name=Amethyst Boots

tile.oreTopaz.name=Topaz Ore
tile.blockTopaz.name=Block of Topaz
item.pickaxeTopaz.name=Topaz Pickaxe
item.swordTopaz.name=Topaz Sword
item.shovelTopaz.name=Topaz Shovel
item.hatchetTopaz.name=Topaz Axe
item.hoeTopaz.name=Topaz Hoe
item.helmetTopaz.name=Topaz Helmet
item.chestplateTopaz.name=Topaz Chestplate
item.leggingsTopaz.name=Topaz Leggings
item.bootsTopaz.name=Topaz Boots

  • Install Minecraft Forge
  • Just place the zip you downloaded into the mods folder in the mods folder in the minecraft directory or the minecraft server directory.

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