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World Generation

Mariculture adds a couple of Ores/Other generaiton to the World used for the creation of some of it’s blocks and items. These are Aluminium, Titanium, Oysters and Natural Gas. Mariculture also uses Copper but this generation is off by default as it’s asumed you will be using Mariculture with a mod that already generates Copper such as Industrial Craft. You can enable/disable generation in the config. Natural Gas is found under Ocean Biomes, Aluminium anywhere from y60 and up, and Titanium is found amongst Limestone which is found under river biomes.

Smelter and Freezer

The Industrial Smelter and Freezer are your basic processing blocks. The Smelter will melt down your ores, and other items in to molten form, doubling in the process, they can then be moved in to a Freezer to cool down to form ingots. There are various other items that can be made with the freezer. The Smelter is two blocks tall, works best when surrounded by lava or in hot biomes, while the freezer works best surrounded by ice or in cold biomes. As with most machine blocks throughout Mariculture, you can add Upgrades to improve the efficency of these machines.

Mariculture ModMariculture Mod

more on smelter | more on freezer

Diving Module Overview

Air Pump

The Air Pump will help supply you with air when underwater when used in junction with Diving Gear. It’s also used to collect Natural Gas, to power Gas Turbines in the Factory Module.

Mariculture Mod

Diving Gear

Diving Gear is basic gear that helps with building underwater, boots will speed you up, hats will help you see better, suits will make you mine faster and the hat and air supply will fill you up with air.

Mariculture ModMariculture Mod

Mariculture ModMariculture Mod

Scuba Gear

Scuba gear is more aimed at for exploring the depths of the oceans. Flippers will set you to fly mode and speed up walking in water, wetsuits increase mining speed, scuba masks increase your vision and scuba tanks when used in conjunction with scuba masks will keep you breathing underwater, allowing you to explore the depths of the ocean with less concern. You will need to Supply your Scuba Tank with Compressed Air, which you generate by right clicking a built air compressor with a battery.

Mariculture ModMariculture Mod

Mariculture ModMariculture Mod

Mariculture ModMariculture Mod

more on scuba | more on air compressor

Factory Module Overview


The auto-dictionary is used to convert ore dictionary equivalents such as my copper and ic2 copper, or my aluminum and tinkers construct aluminum. You place what you want to convert to in the top slot of the gui, and the stuff to convert on the left.

Mariculture Mod

Mechanized Sponge

This block is used to clear out water from an area, by laying out sponge to the sides to the decide the area you want to remove water from and then applying a redstone signal.

Mariculture Mod

Custom Blocks

You can create various custom blocks, from stairs, lights, fences, gates, walls slabs and more. You get to decide what each side of the block is painted and can paint it various different things. You just need a Sawmill! You can also repaint these blocks with the paintbrush.

Mariculture ModMariculture Mod

more on sawmill | more on paintbrush

Pressurised Water, Natural Gas, Sluice & Turbines

Pressurised Water is generated by the Sluice and used by Water Turbines to provide Buildcraft Energy. While Natural Gas powers Gas Turbines. In order to get a Sluice to generate water you need to build a Water Tower, which is simply just a stack of water behind the Sluice > See Water Tower on wiki for more info. Sluice’s have various other functions such as moving liquids to tanks and removing them. Pressure Vessels are just storage and can fill up the F.L.U.D.D.

Mariculture ModMariculture Mod

Mariculture ModMariculture Mod

more on sluice | more on pressure vessel | more on turbines


The Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device can be used as an item or block in various different modes, enabling semi-flight, entity transport, weapon and other stuff.

Mariculture Mod

more info

Fishery Module Overview

Fishing & Autofisher

There are many different kinds of loot added to go along with your fishing, and a few different type of rods, some better than others. You need Bait in order to fish as well. The Autofisher will save you the trouble and do the fishing for you. You get bait from using a Sift, or using Bread or Raw Minnow.

Mariculture ModMariculture Mod

Mariculture ModMariculture Mod

Mariculture Mod

more on fishing | more on bait & sifter | more on autofisher

Fish Breeding

While some different species can be caught in the wild, many more can be bred, using a fish feeder and an incubator. Each species is unique, provides unique products or does certain special things. Fish produce water droplet of various different types which are used for other things too.

Mariculture ModMariculture ModMariculture Mod

Mariculture Mod

more on breeding | more on feeder | more on incubator | more on fish

Magic Module Overview

Mirror & Jewelry

The Magic Module adds various enchantments that you can add to rings, bracelets and necklaces that can be worn. Mirrors are essentially portable enchantment tables, and allow for easy access to take on and off your jewelry. You can put jewelry on by pressing ctrl though if you don’t have access to a mirror. For the different enchantments added see the enchantment table. Jewelry’s enchantability is affected by the materials it’s made from, however this bonus is only added when you enchant within mirrors.

Mariculture ModMariculture Mod

Mariculture ModMariculture Mod

Mariculture Mod

more on jewelry | more on mirrors

Transport Module Overview

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Speed Boat

The speed boat is a faster boat, that will never break, it will also never fly off when you get out.

Mariculture Mod

World Module Overview

Coral & Kelp

The world module generates coral reefs and kelp forests. Coral can be used to craft dyes, while forests sometimes have buried treasure in their depths.

more on coral | more on kelp

Mariculture Mod

Mariculture Mod


What is Mariculture?

Mariculture is a mod aimed at expanding usage of ocean and water biomes, or making them easier to explore/exploit. Adding various types of fish to catch and breed. Machines to assist in your life, Turbines to power your machines. Magical power of pearls, new transport, things to see or even just some custom blocks. Mariculture has 7 different modules, all of which you can turn on and off in the configs except for Core.

How to install Mariculture Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the mod
  • Put downloaded zip file into C:UsersYOURUSERNAMEAppDataRoaming.minecraftmods folder. Do not unzip it. If you don’t have a mods folder, create one
  • Enjoy the mod

Download links for other versions:




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