[1.6.4] MineFactory Reloaded Mod Download

This is a continuation of powercrystal’s MineFactory Reloaded, which is also a continuation of MineFactory.

A way to automatically farm plants and animals, as well some new rail tracks! With this mod you can set up a completely automated farm for any of these things that requires no real work aside from collecting the harvests and reloading the planter, without incredibly complex and unwieldy water/piston solutions. And you can milk cows to death or otherwise run livestock farms if you need those resources. Oh and it has conveyor belts too.



  • Requires: Minecraft Forge
  • Put downloaded archive into .minecraft/mods/ folder. Thats it!

Download links for other versions:







  1. Dear Mod Creator,
    I am currently designing a modpack that uses low RAM so I can run it on my computer. I would also like to distribute the pack publicly through my videos. I don’t know if anyone checks this, but I would appreciate a reply letting me know whether or not you’re OK with it. Even if I don’t get permissio, when I start recording, I will list this as one of the mods I use. Thank you in advance! ~puppyspirit36

  2. i can’t launch this mod ‘cuz u need powercrystalscore :/

  3. i can’t get this mod to work as we all know it needs powercrystalscore but when puting it in buildcraft interferes with it and stops my minecraft from working so to be able to play this mod i have to take buildcraft out or don’t play this mod and have buildcraft i want both on tho 🙁



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