[1.6.4] Mob Launcher Mod Download

What is Mob Launcher?

The mod adds six different shooting items to the game and some more things that are used in crafting or as ammo.

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download mod
  • Put downloaded zip file into C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods folder. Do not unzip it. If you don’t have a mods folder, create one
  • Enjoy the mod

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Mob Launcher Screenshots


There are six of them. They can be used 192 times (block picker – 64 times) before they break.

Enderman Launcher

This is the least interesting thing of all. That one just shoots endermen, and uses enderman spheres as ammo.

8f43f78b844c Mob Launcher Screenshots

30250631a7f0 Mob Launcher Screenshots

e0f3f8e8883d Mob Launcher Screenshots

Creeper Launcher

This one shoots creepers that explode when hit any block or entity. Uses creeper spheres as ammo.

f96accd372e6 Mob Launcher Screenshots

c4e149217dab Mob Launcher Screenshots

851172c8466e Mob Launcher Screenshots

Squid Launcher

Shoots squids. If the squid hits a block, it turns into a squid sphere that is used as ammo. If it hits mob, the mob recieves 5 hearts of damage.

edd5bb8bc8ef Mob Launcher Screenshots

bf912b89d0da Mob Launcher Screenshots

1b62657d4456 Mob Launcher Screenshots

Hostile Mob Launcher

Has three different configurations that can be changed by pressing the L button when the launcher is in your hand. The first: zombie launcher. Shoots zombies with completely random items. It means that they can be equipped with any armor, any block or any item. Doesn’t spawn “empty” zombies. When this configuration is on, the launcher has red colour. Uses zombie spheres as ammo. The second: skeleton launcher. Works like zombie launcher, but spawns skeletons. Uses skeleton spheres as ammo and has nice blue colour. The third: pigzombie launcher. Again, everything is similar, but this one spawns pigzombies using pigzombie spheres and has yellow colour. You can also learn the configuration from item description.

17728361a456 Mob Launcher Screenshots

2fad3b73644e Mob Launcher Screenshots

b842c2bf2fbc Mob Launcher Screenshots

54571de8a811 Mob Launcher Screenshots

9f76b43675ff Mob Launcher Screenshots

581056a5b769 Mob Launcher Screenshots

Block Launcher

This one shoots any block you want if you have it in your inventory. But first you have to set this block by pressing L with the launcher in your hand. You’ll see the GUI where you can write the block you want to shoot (name or id). The launcher will change it’s colour. You can learn what block is set from the description. When the block you shot hits the ground, it remains still on this coords. You can harvest it. But if a block hits a mob, it drops as item it should drop (diamond ore drops diamonds, etc.). The strength of hit depends on block hardness (obsidian kills with a single shot).

de4e9fe728c8 Mob Launcher Screenshots

654a38b043db Mob Launcher Screenshots

7fd8547508af Mob Launcher Screenshots

beb935c62fd3 Mob Launcher Screenshots

48f49fdec689 Mob Launcher Screenshots

Block Picker

This is an item that lets you to pick any block. Just shoot it, and the block your laser hits will be teleported to you (dropped). Also, the lightning bolt will strike this block, so be carefull – don’t use it on short distances. Uses energy spheres as ammo. If the laser hits the mob, it will recieve damage.

e479148eb744 Mob Launcher Screenshots

134906c619b8 Mob Launcher Screenshots

b71901c90bcf Mob Launcher Screenshots

Other items

The other items are:

  • Energy Gem Block. Used to store energy gems.
  • Energy gem. Used in crafting.
  • Energy ore. Generated pretty often. Used to get energy gems.
  • Glass sphere. Used to craft mob spheres.

b3b129c948df Mob Launcher Screenshots

Mob Launcher Recipes

Here they are (sphere recipes are shapeless):

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