[1.7.10] MobAura Mod Download

Hey guys! It’s Milkman here again to show you the Mob Aura mod!! What this mod basically does is that it lets you cheat your way victory! Woooooooo!!! Haha no. What I mean by that is the mod will protect you from any entities within 6 blocks of you by rapidly hitting them away (no work needed from you) This mod is indeed a cheat but I like it! You can easily fight of swarms of zombies with a single press of a button (Press K to enable)  This mod is quite useful for many situations and it will most likely save you in a dire situation :) Personally I would use it just as a precaution but for others they can use it to their advantage… Such as making a mob grinder and rapidly getting XP from it because of this mod. The only down side about this mod is that it doesn’t work too well with the Minecraft server plugin; No Cheat. Chances are that you will be banned if you use this mod on a multiplayer server :P So I hope that you use this modification wisely ;) Here is a video showing off how simple it is to fight off a hoard of angry Enderman.

Is that enough convincing for you? :)


This mod requires Modloader

How to install the Mob Aura Mod

  • Download the the Mod Aura Mod
  • Open Minecraft.jar
  • Delete the meta inf folder
  • Drag in the ModLoader files
  • Drag in the Mob Aura Mod files
  • Close all windows
  • Profit.

Download links for other versions:






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