[1.6.4] Moses Mod Download

Are you Christian?  Catholic?  Like the bible?  Hate oceans in minecraft? Like trying new mods for no real reason?  Then this mod is for you!  The moses mod adds in two new staves, which do some nice things.  They part water and lava.  Now, I never disliked oceans until 1.6.2 came.  On the other versions, you could press alt while pressing space and W and auto-move.  1.6.2 took that wonderful feature away from us, and this mod gained some usefulness to me.

Moses Mod Moses Mod

This mod only has two items, which are very nice.  They make a 5 block wide, ~64 block long path down to bedrock where it removes water.  All you have to do is right click the water while facing the direction you want to go in, and it’ll make your path.  If you want to remove the path, you can right click anywhere else and it will close all paths.  This also works with lava.

Now, how do you make this wonderful work of wonder?  You throw a stick at a burning bush.  This burning bush is just a tree leaf that’s been set on fire.  You throw the stick at the fire and it makes the staff.  Easy enough, right?  The second one needs you to find some lava.  Good luck fishing it out.

Now, there’s one other feature in this mod.  If you hold the staff and left-click on a piece of stone, it will turn it into a block of water.  That’s all.

Neither of these tools has durability, so you don’t have to worry about losing a stick later.  It’s expensive to make those things, man.  Takes like… two wood planks to make four of them.  Expensive, man.

How to Install the Moses Mod

  1. Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the Moses mod
  3. Drag it into ~.minecraftmods
  4. Start parting water and lava.

Download links for other versions:







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