[1.7.10] Paintball Mod Download

This mod adds a few new items to the game: a remote, full sets of armor, scanners, insta-bases, flags, pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, snipers, launchers, grenades, claymores, c4, pellets, pods, armor racks, weapon racks, med kits, and paintbrushes in all the colors of the rainbow! My mod can be a lot of fun to play with others, so host a LAN or server and invite your friends!


Make sure to back up your minecraft.jar and start with a clean one!

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download Paintball Mod
  • Extract the “Paintball.zip” it contains into the “mods” folder of your Minecraft directory.
  • Play Minecraft

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Paintball Screenshots


Paintball Mod 2 Paintball Screenshots


Paintball Mod 3 Paintball Screenshots

Pellets in a Wall

Paintball Mod 4 Paintball Screenshots

Paintball Recipes

The recipes are the same for every team. Just replace the red items with whatever color you want.


ArmorRec Paintball Recipes


WeaponryRec Paintball Recipes


Pellets Paintball Recipes


OtherRec Paintball Recipes