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The Pingus Mod is a modded Minecraft clone of the original ‘Lemmings’ games made for Linux. One of the best things about this modification is the animations. I don’t know how the developer did it, but he somehow managed to use the original animations from the Lemmings game. This just gives this mod an extra appeal. It is small touches like this that make mods great, and I think this mod is fantastic. I highly recommend this mod to anyone, it is cute, fun and cool! (Get it, cool? Because penguins live in the Antarctic?)

Pingus Mod Pingus Mod Pingus Mod

Pingus Mod Main Features!

  •  The original and plain Pingu can be made of six obsidian blocks and three blocks of snow.
  • Each Pingu has an amazing animation from the original Lemming’s game.
  • The ‘Basher’ is created with a golden apple, and will destroy up to 250 blocks!
  • The ‘Bomber’ will expand in the air and then explode!
  • The ‘Miner’ and ‘Digger’ Pingus are fairly straight forward!

How to use the Pingus Mod

To use the Pingus Mod, it is actually very simple. Firstly, download the mod with the help of Minecraft Forge and then install it. Next, craft the original and plain Pingu and then proceed to craft your desired ability.

Pingus Mod Pros and Cons!


  • The pingus are very cleverly detailed and animated.
  • Can be installed for both client or server.
  • Uses original animations from the Lemmings game!


  • There are no faults with this Minecraft mod.

How to install the Pingus Mod

  1. First, download the latest version of Minecraft Forge.
  2. Then, download the Pingus Mod.
  3. Extract the files to your Desktop with WinRar.
  4. Open the following location: %appdata%/.minecraft/mods.
  5. Drag and drop the files into there.
  6. Launch Minecraft and enjoy your new mod!

Download links for other versions:



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