[1.7.10] Rpg Inventory Mod Download

A new Inventory: Got two additional buttons ! You can either close the main screen or Open your Rpg Inventory !

6 new Slots: (Jewelry) Necklace, Shield, Rings, a Cape and Gloves.

  • Jewelry comes in many different forms and effects.
  • Gold Jewelry : Speed an JumpBoost (active effect)
  • Diamond Jewelry: Healing (passive effect)
  • Lapis Lazuli Jewelry : Damage boost (active) and ‘Weapon Regen’ (passive)
  • Emerald Jewelry : various Buffs

(active : Potion effects : visible. passive : effects work on the background and cant be seen like potion effects)

Note: adding an emerald ring to the left ring slot of the Rpg Inventory will result in no effects, as the ring tends to make the other items bug or unfunctional.


  • Claymore : with full set, right click to obtain a powerfull boost that you can use to attack with your claymore
  • Rage Breaker : Berserker’s can not stand losing … Unleash your rage when health is below 2 hearts (or 2 hunger) by rightclicking the weapon.
  • Still full health ? The rage breaker has a massive KnockBack damage on mobs when you where the full armor set !


  • Soul Sphere : Attack mobs, and randomly set them on fire, or lunch them up in the air, attack them with 2 extra hearts of damage !
  • Right Clicking the Item… Is a mystery to most people. You should read the” Wizard’s Knwoledge : Volume 1 ” (included in this mod). Mages and Wizardry is not only about swinging your stick and casting spells. With magic, great responsability and wisdom comes. If you can understand what is written in the book, you will are worthy to be called a mage !


  • Bow: can only be fired when wearing full Archer armor. Has less uses then a normal bow, but :
    • Garantee always critical hit
    • Less charge time
    • No arrows have to be present in your inventory
    • Knockback
    • Sets mobs on fire
    • High damage


Minecraft Forge

SubLib (For Minecraft 1.10.2+)

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download and install SubLib (For Minecraft 1.10.2+).
  • Download the mod.
  • Click on the Start Menu in Windows.
  • Type run into the search box, and select the Run program at the top of the results.
  • Type %appdata% into the Run program, and press Enter.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into that.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Rpg Inventory and All Addons Included:


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Rpg Inventory Screenshots

ed8d1  481090 4949940879334 883068019 n Rpg Inventory Screenshots

ed8d1  307435 4949943239393 1309694194 n Rpg Inventory Screenshots

3D Weapons and Armor:

What is more awesome then wielding a massive Claymore ? A Huge hammer ? A Longbow ? or even a Soul Sphere … ?

1db36  551438 4974660697314 727306993 n Rpg Inventory Screenshots

1db36  285200 4974659577286 1406795587 n Rpg Inventory Screenshots

6831f  600481 4974659697289 1702284114 n Rpg Inventory Screenshots

6831f  16519 4974659937295 157722417 n Rpg Inventory Screenshots

Even added 3d World rendering !
4cbb5  285286 4974681417832 1222179142 n Rpg Inventory Screenshots

The rendering of the 3D Weapons can be disabled in te config file that comes with the mod. Change the “=true” you find in there to “= false”

While wearing one of the FULL ARMOR sets, you can mostly activate effects with right clicking the apropriate weapon.


Rpg Inventory Recipes

Golden RIng / base of other jewelry
4085a  222691 4949939919310 2081969789 n Rpg Inventory Recipes

Golden Necklace /Base of Other Jewelry
4085a  485346 4949940119315 1045383284 n Rpg Inventory Recipes

Golden Gloves / base of other Jewelry
67051  3539 4949940919335 7611735 n Rpg Inventory Recipes

A few examples of how to craft Jewelry with Minerals

  • always put the Mineral ABOVE the Jewel
  • all recipes match, so Only 3 pics are shown

67051  427261 4949941319345 1921178476 n Rpg Inventory Recipes

67051  404889 4949941399347 161671836 n Rpg Inventory Recipes

7e66c  69623 4949941639353 1586778429 n Rpg Inventory Recipes

Shields and Cloaks

  • Cloaks do currently have no effect. they should render a cape in any later versions of the mod
  • An invisibility cloak is Accesible from the Creative menu, and a Recipe does exist for the cape, though it is not working somehow. (cape + 8 invisibility potions)

7e66c  71400 4949941799357 947988830 n Rpg Inventory Recipes

a0194  379262 4949941879359 1128241456 n Rpg Inventory Recipes

a0194  534982 4949942279369 1071699388 n Rpg Inventory Recipes

9977f  526508 4949942519375 733199486 n Rpg Inventory Recipes


This Mod implemented new armor, which is not that great, but has an awesome Bonus. Armor is crafted like all other armor.

Tanned Hide (archer)
9977f  285215 4949943079389 1982331718 n Rpg Inventory RecipesArcher’s Bow of Birch
9977f  600725 4949942839383 928349309 n Rpg Inventory Recipes

Animal Hides (Berserker)
16918  11389 4949943359396 257463756 n Rpg Inventory Recipes

Berserker’s Claymore
16918  405634 4949942999387 568902667 n Rpg Inventory Recipes

The RageBreaker
38aa7  644037 4965740634318 408347923 n Rpg Inventory Recipes

Mage Cloth (mages)
38aa7  535047 4949943479399 1446153982 n Rpg Inventory Recipes

The Soul Sphere
6501b  222762 4965740514315 593198551 n Rpg Inventory Recipes

Wizard’s Knowledge, Volume I
6501b  734657 4949943759406 1830551303 n Rpg Inventory Recipes