[1.6.4] Snowmobile Vehicle Mod Download



The Ski doo snowmobile adds in a whole new aspect to traveling in minecraft! It is made for snow/ice/water!

98f79  Snowmobile Vehicle Mod 1 Snowmobile Vehicle Screenshots

98f79  Snowmobile Vehicle Mod 2 Snowmobile Vehicle Screenshots

98f79  Snowmobile Vehicle Mod 3 Snowmobile Vehicle Screenshots

98f79  Snowmobile Vehicle Mod 4 Snowmobile Vehicle Screenshots



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24325  bc6f9e5fc059342e4e1b66d29a842b95 Snowmobile Vehicle Recipes
24325  021f07d837442680ffb8d32dab137081 Snowmobile Vehicle Recipes
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24325  79a194bef4d45d79d3739f223e5dfd4a Snowmobile Vehicle Recipes
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98f79  Snowmobile Vehicle Mod [1.6.4] Snowmobile Vehicle Mod Download

This adds in a snowmobile to your minecraft game! Enjoy the luxury of easily navigating through snowy biomes or the excitement of water crossing!


  • Snowmobile goes fast on snow/ice
  • Snowmobile goes very slow on dirt/grass/stone
  • Snowmobile keeps momentum from snow onto grass
  • Snowmobile can watercross for a cretain length
  • Snowmobile can get extra air off 2 high cliffs
  • Has custom sounds when starting up and reving
  • Hit mobs but snowmobile takes damage
  • Snowmobile only works for owner of vehicle
  • When Broken it gives some resources back


  • Space: Climb Faster
  • W: Foward
  • S: Backup
  • A+D: Left and Right Sharp Turn
  • Mouse POV: Turning Left to right


  • 1. Hold Space while going up blocks
  • 2. Go in F5 view and turn sharply while holding space for an awesome screenshot

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod installer.
  • Run it.
  • Select which directory you wish to install it to.
  • Hit Install after your selection.
  • Load your minecraft launcher.
  • Enjoy the mod.


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