[1.6.4] TrollStuff Mod Download



Living Web grown in a cave

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1zw9zc6uebd5785fg TrollStuff Screenshots

Floating Sand. Created with the Troll Frame

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Using the BUD Forcer to make the sand fall

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Troll TNT’s crater (by 9 block Troll TNT) …

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… refills itself

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Mystic fire …

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… and burned down blocks respawn

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Repairstuff to e.g. clean up holes …

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or fire (before)

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rebvx0tcwvbyp9kfg TrollStuff Screenshots



Troll TNT (Dirt and Gunpowder)

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Troll Fire Staff (Bone and Flint ‘n’ Steel)

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Repair Staff (Blaze Rod and Diamond)

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BUD Forcer (Stone, Redstone and the block updating force of Gravel)

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Troll Frame (Glass, enhanced with the mystic power of a feather)

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Living web (shapeless, a mushroom, a dead bush, a little bit grass and redstone dust)

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Camo: Stone (paper and stone, works similar for any block that can be used as disguise)

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e5add  TrollStuff Mod [1.6.4] TrollStuff Mod Download

Wanna make yo buddies rage? Then try this mod! But dont worry, you can fix it all easily!


  • Troll TNT: Similar to normal TNT but just “hides” the blocks for a while.
  • Troll Fire Staff: Normal fire is too boring? Try something different! This staff works somehow similar to flint ‘n’ steel.
  • Repair Staff: A boring item which e.g. extinguishes fire and primed TNT but also respawns “hidden” blocks instantly.
  • Troll Frame: A glass like block which despawns after a while but wihout any blockupdates. This makes it possible to create floating sand or gravel (or anvils, if you want to).
  • BUD Forcer: When powered via redstone it forces all blocks in range to update.
  • Living web: Some kind of plant like web which grows on it’s own
  • Camo: Giving the possibility to disguise blocks as one of 84 other vanilla Minecraft blocks.

How to install TrollStuff Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the mod
  • Put downloaded zip file into C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods folder. Do not unzip it. If you don’t have a mods folder, create one
  • Enjoy the mod


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