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A rare find!

Zelda Sword Skills

Fairies released from bottles

Zelda Sword Skills

Hookshot in action

Zelda Sword Skills

Upgrading the hookshot

Zelda Sword Skills

A peek into the updated water dungeon

Zelda Sword Skills

3D Bombs, thanks to HoopAWolf for the model!

Zelda Sword Skills

Showing off the new combo display

Zelda Sword Skills

Check out that random drop!

Zelda Sword Skills

A Bomb Bag with increased capacity

Zelda Sword Skills

Skill Orbs

Zelda Sword Skills

Spin Attack

Zelda Sword Skills

Leaping Blow

Zelda Sword Skills

More will be posted as they become available.


If you love Zelda and you love Minecraft, then you’ll for sure love this mod. Zelda Sword Skills+ provides a full-fledged Zelda-like experience in Minecraft, adding a plethora of exciting new sword skills that improve as you adventure, as well as a variety of the old favorites such as bombs and hookshots. In order to provide you with the kind of game you want.

Mod Contents:

List and description of all the different skills and items, along with default keys for activation.

Sword Skills

Basic Sword Technique

Activation: Default key is X; must be looking at a target and holding a sword

Effect: Locks view on to target, can no longer use mouse to free look

Exhaustion: None

Notes: While locked on to a target,

  • Tab changes to the next target
  • Rctrl blocks (or RMB in vanilla mode)
  • Up arrow performs a basic attack (or LMB in vanilla mode)
  • deactivate by pressing X once more, by switching to a non-sword item, or by killing everything
  • Each attack contributes to your current Combo; as the Combo gets bigger, so does your damage!

Dash Attack

Activation: Attack while blocking (up arrow while holding Rctrl, or LMB while holding RMB in vanilla mode)

Effect: Charges towards target, inflicting minor damage and knocking the target back

Exhaustion: Moderate (1.0F minus 0.1F per level)

Notes: Damage inflicted is 4 (2 hearts) plus 1 (1/2 heart) per level; knockback also increases with skill level.


Activation: Tap left or right arrow key (or movement key in vanilla mode); can be configured to require double-tap

Effect: Quickly dodge out of the way of incoming attacks

Exhaustion: Very Low (0.05F)

Notes: Timing is critical to avoid damage, but a dodge is never 100% guaranteed successful. Chance to dodge and timing improve with skill level.


Activation: Tap down arrow (or back [s] in vanilla mode; vanilla can be configured to require double-tap)

Effect: Parries an incoming blow when being attacked; cannot parry unarmed attacks.

Exhaustion: Low (0.3F minus 0.02F per level)

Notes: Much like Dodge, timing is critical to the success chance of Parry. There is also a chance that the attacker will be disarmed. Timing and chance to disarm improve with skill level.

Armor Break

Activation: Hold attack (up arrow or LMB in vanilla mode); will trigger when the charge is sufficient

Effect: This powerful blow ignores target’s armor value when inflicting damage

Exhaustion: Moderate (0.9F minus 0.075F per level)

Notes: Time required to charge decreases as skill level increases

Leaping Blow

Activation: Hold block and then jump (vanilla RMB then ‘space’, mod controls RCtrl then ‘space’)

Effect: Upon landing, unleashes a devastating AoE attack that damages all in its path in addition to temporarily causing weakness

Exhaustion: High (2.0F minus 0.1F per level)

Notes: Damage, weakness duration, range and area of effect all increase with level. Damage inflicted is based on the sword’s material plus one-half heart per level. Contributes only to Combo damage, not size.

Spin Attack

Activation: Hold left or right arrow key to charge up until spin attack commences

Vanilla Mode: Begin moving either left or right, then press the other direction to commence charging; both keys must be held to continue charging

Effect: Link’s signature move – hit every enemy as you spin 360 degrees!

Exhaustion: Very High (3.0F minus 0.2F per level)

Notes: Time required to charge decreases as skill level increases, and the speed at which you spin increases

Sword Beam

Activation: While at full health and locked on to a target, attack while sneaking to unleash a beam of energy

Effect: Shoots a beam of energy, inflicting the sword’s base damage +1 per skill level

Exhaustion: Moderate (0.9F minus 0.075F per level)

Range: Approximately 12 blocks plus one per level

Health Requirement: Link can be missing up to 0.3 hearts per level, up to 1.5 hearts at level 5


  • Unlike many sword skills, hitting a target with the beam counts as a direct strike for combos
  • With the Master Sword, the beam is able to travel through multiple targets (not currently available)


All of the items below have a stack size of one and are not damaged by use, unless otherwise noted. Similary, left-clicking with any of these items will not inflict damage, and is instead a useful way of interacting with villagers. Be sure you are good friends with the villager first, or they probably won’t have anything for you.Swords

There are many swords that will become available throughout Link’s adventures. As each one becomes available, it will be listed here with the total attack damage in parentheses.

Kokiri Sword (+5): The default sword available from the beginning. Made of wood, but slightly stronger

Armor / Clothing

The iconic clothing worn by the Hero of Time is not only stylish and comfortable, but affords decent protection (all are equivalent to chainmail). Only the green clothes are a full set, but other tunics may be found with additional benefits.

Kokiri Clothing Set

  • Standard green clothes worn by Link
  • Repair with any color wool
  • Cannot be found, only purchased from villagers (farmers and butchers)

Goron Tunic

  • This special tunic is made from lava-dwelleing Dodongos, granting fire resistance
  • The tunic takes damage from fire or lava in place of the player, so it may wear out quickly
  • Dodongo scales need to be polished to maintain their fire-resistant sheen; magma cream is perfect
  • Found exclusively in Lava Dungeons

Zora Tunic

  • A rare tunic of the Zora tribe that allows the wearer to breathe underwater
  • Durablility wears out slowly while in the water; patch it up with any color wool
  • Found exclusively in Water Dungeons


Link will find various boots throughout his journey, each with specific helpful qualities. As more boots are discovered, they will be described here.

Heavy Boots

These boots are extremely heavy, making normal movement difficult, but they are useful for moving in liquids or for standing your ground in the face of an explosion… Made of sturdy iron, the boots themselves are totally impervious to any type of damage, but neither can they be enchanted.


Bombs are found throughout the land and are very dangerous. Holding one in your hand will activate it, and it should be thrown (right-click) quickly to avoid damage. If the bomb lands in water, it will not detonate and can be retrieved for later use. Showing villagers your ticking bomb (left-click) may open up trades.

Water bombs have a slightly smaller blast radius, but function underwater. There is a secret trade that can be unlocked to trade regular bombs for water bombs. Water bombs de-activate if they touch flames.

While wearing Zora armor, left-click on a priest with a regular bomb.

Fire Bombs are very useful, fearing neither fire nor lava. These are the only bombs that function normally in the Nether, yet they can also be used just like regular bombs in the Overworld. Like water bombs, fire bombs may also be traded for under the right conditions.

Bomb Bag

These handy bags can be found in secret chests as well as purchased from friendly priests. The standard bag can hold 10 bombs and can be combined with other bags (by right-clicking while sneaking) to increase the capacity up to a maximum of 50. While held, any bombs in your inventory will automatically move to the bag, and any bombs picked up will go into a bomb bag if it is anywhere in your inventory.

If carrying fire or water bombs, capacity is halved. Empty out a bag to store a different kind of bomb.

Press <b> to swap your current item with a bomb from your bomb bag at any time, but be sure to pick your item back up if it falls to the ground!

Fairy Bottle

Obtained by right-clicking on a fairy with an empty bottle, when used these will completely restore the health bar. If there is a fairy bottle in an action bar slot when the health bar reaches zero, the fairy will automatically lend her aid, restoring a full 5 hearts.

To release the fairy, right-click while sneaking.

Heart Pieces

Pieces of heart add 1/2 heart to Link’s maximum health. There are also small hearts that drop occasionally from grass; these only heal 1/2 heart, with no additional benefit.


The basic hookshot can latch on to wooden blocks up to 8 blocks distant, allowing Link to travel across chasms and the like. Hold right-click to reel yourself in, and press <sneak> to rappel down. A variety of upgrades can be found throughout the land, each one adding a new kind of ability.

To use an upgrade component, you must first have the previous hookshot version and find a friendly villager to help you assemble it. This is done by left-clicking on a village while holding the uprade component desired.

Hookshot: range of 8 blocks; only works on wood

Stoneshot: requires <claw> upgrade; works on stone but not wood

Multishot: requires <multi> upgrade; works on a wide variety of materials

Extended: requres <extender> upgrade; can be applied to any type of hookshot; doubles the range

Magic Mirror

This incredible mirror helps Link find his way home even when lost in the darkest of dungeons. Gaze into it (hold right-click) until it shines brightly, returning you to the last place at which you were under open sky. Each use will take its toll on the mirror, however, and it will eventually break.

Skill Orbs

Skill orbs can be found by battling enemies throughout the land, each one granting the next level for one of the above sword skills. Learning a skill consumes the orb in the process, but orbs may be stacked for easy portability. The Looting enchantment has a significant effect on the rate of orb drops, as does finding the correct type of enemy.



Fairies are magical flying creatures with incredible healing powers. Just touching one will partially heal Link, and they can be captured in empty bottles by right-clicking on them with a bottle in hand, storing their powers for later.

Fairies only spawn in swamps at night, but may rarely spawn during the day in secret fairy pools. These pools are very precious, as the fairies make it their home and never stray far, making them perfect for healing up in a time of need or as a renewable source of fairy bottles.

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the mod
  • Put downloaded zip file into
    • C:\Users\[Your computer user]\AppData\roaming\.minecraft\mods on Windows
    • /Users/[Your user]/Library/Application Support/minecraft/mods on Mac folder
  • Do not unzip it. If you don’t have a mods folder, create one
  • Enjoy the mod

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