[1.7.10] AcademyCraft Mod Download

ff54b  AcademyCraft Mod [1.7.10] AcademyCraft Mod Download

AcademyCraft is a Minecraft mod about superability, including its aquiring, upgrading and using. The inspiration of the mod comes from A Certain Scientific Railgun but the mod content is not limited of the background.

In AcademyCraft mod, you can experience lots of superabilities that has (or has not) appeared in the original series, and become more and more powerful through the use of ability. AcademyCraft mod will completely override your game process in Minecraft. You can use various skills to speed up harvesting, move and combat more efficiently…

In AcademyCraft mod, you have to use block Ability Developer to learn and acquire an ability category. Ability Developer consumes the mystery energy named Imag Flux, thus you need to construct your set of energy system to support ability developing and the crafting of many other items and materials. However, you are permanently free from the burden of connecting and setting up wires. You can use the Wireless Energy System to build connections between energy blocks.


  • Three categories: Electromaster, Meltdowner, Teleporter
  • 30+ unique skills
  • A complete achievement system
  • Rich cross-mod/cross-plugin support (EU/RF energy, NEI, Residence plugin)
  • Server friendly (Allows to turn off PvP and block destroy and stuffs)
  • Custom skill data using Ripple script
  • And lots more…

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Energy blocks

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Using arcs

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Location Teleport

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Mark Teleport

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Skill Tree

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