[1.7.10] Advanced Armoury Mod Download

43416  Advanced Armoury Mod [1.7.10] Advanced Armoury Mod Download

Highly customizable gun and weapon mod. Minecraft Real Life Guns Mod. Advanced Armoury in Minecraft adding realistic custom guns into Minecraft.

The first released picture of a gun. This uses the asset system to add my logo to the side of the gun, and uses the render system to display that the gun is using a gold barrel, flash hider, bolt, charging handle, trigger and fire selector. Whatever material you use for those parts will be visually shown on the gun, making them aesthetically pleasing too.

6c2b8  56af70e7b0354 1024x611 [1.7.10] Advanced Armoury Mod Download

Early picture of the first-person view. The arm is a little better now, with an “elbow” to look more realistic. You can also aim down your sights with right-click, focusing the gun into the centre of the screen and zooming in just slightly.

6c2b8  56b13c246310c 1024x600 [1.7.10] Advanced Armoury Mod Download

RPG System:

  • RPGCore (Core aspect for RPG-style mods, adding factions and levelling systems fully configurable by other mods or server admins.)
  • ExampleSkills (Example skill implementation for RPGCore)


Minecraft Forge


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