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Blocks: Multiple decor blocks including blood infused glass, ice, slate storage blocks, and more!

Blood Arsenal Mod 1 Blood Arsenal Screenshots
Blood Arsenal Mod 2 Blood Arsenal Screenshots
Blood Arsenal Mod 3 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Lighting and Cake: The cake never disappears! It does use your LP though
The cake never disappears! It does use your LP though

Blood Arsenal Mod 4 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Blood TNT: A larger and quicker form of mundane TNT.

Normal TNT:

Blood Arsenal Mod 5 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Blood TNT:

Blood Arsenal Mod 6 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Machines: Life Essence Materializer: Once an orb is inserted into this block, it will suck out LP from the orb’s owner converting it to Life Essence which can then be pumped out. (converts 150 – 100) Life Infuser: Takes in life essence and gradually repairs a tool using 500 LE each damage point repaired.

Blood Arsenal Mod 7 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

The extremely powerful Soul Compacter: Put underneath a master ritual stone with a ritual or underneath an altar. Right click it with an orb to compact the whole thing into one block! WARNING: May use a bit more LP than you’d think!

Blood Arsenal Mod 8 Blood Arsenal Screenshots
Blood Arsenal Mod 9 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Items: Bound tools such as Bound Bows, Bound Sickles, Bound Shears, and Bound Igniter! Bound Tools:

Blood Arsenal Mod 10 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

New foods including cookies, juice, and oranges!:

Blood Arsenal Mod 11 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Blood Money: Ever wanted to pay someone in blood? Well now you can with blood money! To get the amount of LP received when right-clicked, simply multiply 10000 by the multiplier.

Blood Arsenal Mod 12 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Tools: 3 tiers of tools including wood, iron, and diamond!

Blood Arsenal Mod 13 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Glass Sacrificial Dagger/Dagger of Sacrifice: Improved but more dangerous upgrades to the mundane daggers (see picture below) Grants more LP overall. (You get Glass Shards by breaking glass blocks with flint in your hand (25% chance)

Sigils: Sigil of Swimming: Allows the player to move faster, break faster, and breath underwater!

Blood Arsenal Mod 14 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Ender Sigil:

Blood Arsenal Mod 15 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Sigil of Augmented Holding: An upgraded variant of the Sigil of Holding; holds 9 sigils in total!

Blood Arsenal Mod 16 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Lightning Sigil: Very powerful sigil that summons lightning wherever you point and click!

Blood Arsenal Mod 17 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Armor: A vampire set of armor with a cape, greaves, and boots! They give Strength III when worn too!

Blood Arsenal Mod 18 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Glass Armor: Not very durable but makes the attacking entity bleed.

Blood Arsenal Mod 19 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Life Imbued Armor: Powerful armor able to store LE and utilize it to protect the wearer. Wearing this full set of armor will randomly heal you completely for the cost of LE inside the armor. Can be refilled in the Life Infuser.

Blood Arsenal Mod 20 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Transparent Orb: Dynamic measuring of LP! Magical.

Blood Arsenal Mod 21 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Rituals: 4 new rituals including Ritual of Withering, and Midas Touch! Withering:

Blood Arsenal Mod 22 Blood Arsenal Screenshots

Midas Touch has a chance to transmute an iron ingot into a gold ingot!

Enchantress’ Spell: Allows the enchanment of an item with multiple books at the same time costing LP

Fisherman’s Hymn: Fishes fish and other fishable items using fishy mechanics. Outputs the fishhy stuff in a chest above the Master Ritual Stone.


65b4a  Blood Arsenal Mod [1.10.2] Blood Arsenal Mod Download

Blood Arsenal is a fairly new addon to Blood Magic by WayofTime. Blood Arsenal adds in new tools such as the Bound Bow, or Sickle, and much more. It includes 3 tiers of tools for you to play with, and more rituals such as the Ritual of Withering or Midas’ Touch. It also adds in plenty of decor blocks for all of you designers and some intresting mechanics too.


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Blood Magic Mod

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