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Backpacks can be used from inside other backpacks
When you have a backpack open you can right-click other backpacks to open them.
While a backpack is opened it can’t be moved, so there is no chance of accidentally putting a backpack inside itself.
If you are holding a backpack when you open a chest it will open a multi-sectioned version of the chest interface that you can open backpacks from, allowing you transfer items between backpacks and chests.

Examples of opening nested backpacks

This is the multi-sectioned version of the inventory interface. Notice the top half isn’t connected to the bottom half.


You can right-click on a backpack to open it.


If you hold down ‘shift’ when you right-click, the backpack will open on the other half of the interface.


Combining right-clicks with ‘shift’ right-clicks allows you to get an arrangement you want.
You can even open the same backpack twice


Or, by right-clicking crafting tables within your inventory, you can have 2 crafting tables open


This arrangement can be nice for displaying recipes, but if you need to quickly craft another recipe component it is usually easier to open another crafting interface on top of the first one, as all items will remain in the first crafting table you close it.

Accessible – Backpacks can be accessed from almost any GUI
You can right-click a backpack in almost any GUI to bring up a ‘lightweight’ backpack interface that allows you to transfer items between the backpack (or nested backpack) and your inventory without needing to leave the original GUI.
You can also open the ‘full’ backpack interface by shift+right-clicking, but doing so will replace the current GUI.
The ‘lightweight’ interface is adequate for most tasks, but if you need to upgrade, rename or recolor your backpack you’ll need to open the ‘full’ interface


You can change a backpack’s name, color and size
Simply place a sign, dye, or backpack pouch inside a backpack and right-click it to rename, recolor or resize the backpack.
Each backpack pouch will add 9 slots to the backpack, up to a maximum size of 9×8.
If you are in creative mode you can freely change the size of a backpack by using a ‘Backpack Resizer’.
A resized and renamed backpack, containing a backpack of every color


There is no limit to how large a backpack can be, and if you make one too big to fit on screen, the screen will become scrollable.


Lost or destroyed backpacks can be recovered
If you lose a backpack you can create a “Backpack Restorer”, which allows you to restore any backpack you own.
Backpack Restorers can be expensive and they only restore one backpack each. So if you lose your backpack often you may want to invest in a “Quantum Chest”. Simply put your backpack inside a quantum chest and it will start dispensing “Quantum Backpacks”.
Quantum backpacks are bound to the quantum chest they came from, and can be used to remotely open the backpack stored inside it.
The quantum chest allows you to take as many quantum backpacks as you want, so if you die, or if you just want another quantum backpack, you can just go back to the quantum chest and take another.

Creating and using quantum backpacks

First you craft a quantum chest, using 4 diamonds, 4 ender eyes and 1 block of obsidian


After placing it down, you open its interface by right-clicking on its block. Put your backpack in the slot at the top and it will start dispensing quantum backpacks


You can right-click the quantum backpack to have it use the backpack’s color


These quantum backpacks can be opened in the same ways as ordinary backpacks, the only downside is you can’t remotely rename, recolor or upgrade backpacks.


You can share your backpacks with other players
You can give quantum backpacks (or copied backpacks) to other players to allow them to use your backpack.
Any changes made to a backpack by one player will be updated in all other players using that backpack, allowing players to share or exchange items no matter how far away they are (or what dimension they are in).


You can prevent players from using your stuff
Backpacks! features a permission system which allows you to define who is and who isn’t allowed to use your backpacks and quantum chests.
Simply press ‘p’ when you have a backpack or quantum chest open and you’ll bring up the permission interface, where you can change who is allowed to use it, who is allowed to add or change permissions and who ‘owns’ the backpack/chest (defaults to the first player who opened it).
Pressing ‘p’ from a permission interface will bring up your own permission list which allows you to see all items you have permission for and can be used to change the permissions for items you don’t have access to (like if somebody stole your backpack).
If a player is ‘opped’ they can choose to bypass the protection on chests and backpacks.


Backpacks can automatically collect or resupply items
Whenever you pick up an item that a backpack ‘collects’ it will automatically be moved into the backpack.
When a tool breaks or you run out of a block that a backpack ‘resupplies’ a replacement will automatically be taken out of that backpack (provided it has one).
You can configure what items a backpack will ‘collect’ and ‘resupply’ by pressing the ‘Edit Backpack’s Auto-Loader’ key while a backpack is open (if the toggle button says ‘Only’ the backpack will collect/resupply any item included in the list, if it says “Don’t” the backpack will collect/resupply any item not included in the list).
Pressing capslock while the collect/resupply interface is open will lock or unlock that backpack, if a backpack is locked it will only accept items it collects.


Backpacks can be placed by shift+right-clicking the side of a block
While placed a backpack behaves like an ordinary chest and can be used by multiple players at once. Like a named mob a placed backpack will show its name when you look at it.
Items a backpack collects can be piped into the top of a placed backpack, items it resupplies can be piped out from the bottom and any item can be piped into the back.
Using an Eye of Ender on a placed backpack will duplicate the backpack, allowing them to be used like portable Ender Chests (If you need more than 3 copies of a backpack it may be cheaper to invest in a Quantum Chest).
You can prevent pipes/hoppers from interacting with your backpack by using the permission system to deny access for a player named [world].

Automated backpack furnace

Here is an example of an automated furnace that takes ores out of a quantum backpack, smelts them and pipes the smelted ingots back into another quantum backpack


The backpack is configured to collect and resupply ores, so every time you pick up an ore it is automatically collected by the backpack in your inventory and piped into the furnace

Wearable Backpacks Mod is a Minecraft mod which adds backpacks. It continues the legacy of BetterStorage’s backpacks and brings it a beautifully designed and balanced alternative backpack option unlike any others.


What’s so great?

  • There can be only one.
    Where other mods store the contents of a backpack on the item itself, Wearable Backpacks Mod doesn’t. When a backpack is equipped, its contents are actually kept with the player itself. This also means that it is impossible to carry around multiple backpacks that contain items.


  • Armor up, or storage up?
    With the default settings, backpacks will function as armor, taking up the chest armor equipment slot like leather armor and protecting from damage. This way is that you have to choose between more protection or more storage. This is fully configurable, though, you don’t like it.
  • Play with friends, share backpacks!
    Having a backpack on your back looks cool and all, if only you could do something with that beauty. Lucky you! Other players (hopefully without ill intentions) can open your backpack and borrow a pick and some torches on a mining trip. This only works as long as your back is facing towards them, though.


  • Dying is FUN!
    Are you sick of losing all your valuables when you make a small little misstep into the nearest pool of lava? Don’t worry! The items inside your backpack will be mostly safe. While the backpack itself is not immune to explosions or being broken by other players, it will gently place itself down near your point of failure and be ready to be retrieved.
  • Dyeing is fun~!
    Backpacks can be colored using Minecraft’s fantastic dyeing system. Unlike some silly mods that only allow the 16 base colors, with our pretties, you can mix and match your dyes to customize them in any way you like.


  • Configuration Nation
    One aim of Wearable Backpacks Mod is to be incredibly configurable, allowing backpacks to be balanced, whether they are used in a personal hand-picked pack, a huge kitchen sink modpack or a deadly hardcore-massacre-of-doom experience with sprinkles on top.


Think of Wearable Backpacks as portable, wearable chests. After you have crafted one, you simply place it on the ground and fill it with whatever you would like to take with you. Next, you sneak and break the backpack to equip it. You will notice that equipping is faster than breaking.

Now that the backpack is where it belongs (your back), you can unequip it again by sneaking and right-clicking the ground with an empty hand (specifically, the top of a solid block).

Crafting Recipe

  • 7x Leather
  • 1x Gold Ingot
  • 1x Wool



Minecraft Forge

How to install Wearable Backpacks Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Click on the Start Menu in Windows.
  • Type run into the search box, and select the Run program at the top of the results.
  • Type %appdata% into the Run program, and press Enter.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into that.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Download links for other versions:











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