[1.7.10] Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Mod Download

ec485  Bygone Age Mod [1.7.10] Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Mod Download

Bringing prehistoric creatures back to life.

This mod gives to Minecraft the possibility of bringing extinct creatures back to life! Exploration, gathering, building, and genetics are some features of this mod!

How to play:

Here is all the steps needed to bring an extincted animal back to life:

1. So, first you have the find fossils, which can be found below sea level. These fossils will give you organic material. At this version, you can only find skin samples, but other types of organic materials will be added later.

2. After collecting your organic material, you need to extract its DNA. To do this just use a DNA extractor. Put your samples in the left side and some empty vials in the middle slot. You can also analyze the creature drops, such as Leptictidum hide and raw Titanis thigh (v0.9.5 or superior). Note: if these items are from different creatures, they will not stack because they would have different DNA.

3. DNA samples done, you can now analyze them using a centrifuge machine. This process will show you the DNA sequence of your sample. This DNA will define the creature status and how it will differ from other creatures.

4. Finally, you will need a new machine: the hatchery. In order to bring any extinct creature to live, you need three things:

– The basic components to create a body: proximate, minerals, vitamins, and lipids. Each creature requires a different amount of each nutrient.

– Three buckets of water to keep your embryo safe and allowing the absorption of all nutrients.

– Five samples of DNA that have already been analyzed. You must have at least 4 samples of the same genus. One of them (on the top slot) can be a similar vanilla creature (see Creatures spoiler).

This process may take a few minutes. When it is finished, the hatchery will spawn your new creature around it. Just make sure to have space at least 1 block in each side,otherwise bad things can happen.

Note: You can also use your new creature to generate more of the same species. To do this, just right-click the creature with a empty flask to get its saliva, then repeat steps 3 and 4. But remember, this is cloning. Your new creature will be exactly the same (equal/similar status) compared to your old one. One trick to avoid that is mixing the DNA of a similar creature, for example a cow DNA for a Mammoth. Therefore, the cow DNA, which is always random, will influence you final DNA.

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Enjoy the mod.

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Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Screenshots

There are 8 extinct species implemented in the mod. Each creature is created from five DNA codes. Remember, at least 4 codes have to be from the same creature. Each DNA code influences the creature status, such as attack power, speed, and health. The color is determined by all status. Your creatures can be tamed using their favorite food (see creature spoiler). You can also force them to growth with a golden carrot (right-click). If your creature is ridable (only adult creatures are ridable) and you would like a ride, you have to right-click it with its favorite food on a stick (see recipes spoiler). Tamed creatures will not attack its owner. Some creatures are super protective, which means that if you hit a baby, they will attack you. In addition, if there is many creatures of the same genus, they will try to kill if you hurt them.

Note: Breading, thirst, and hunger are not implemented yet, but I am planning to in the future. Only Leptictidium, Mammoth, and Deinotherium have sound yet.

Leptictidiums Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Screenshots
Leptictidium auderiense:
Similar creature: Pig.
Food: carrots, potatoes, and cookies.
Colors: Red, brown/maroon, and black.
Prey of: Titanis Walleri.
Minimum version: v0.9.0.
Not ridable.

Moeritherium Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Screenshots
Moeritherium andrewsi:
Similar creature: Pig.
Food: apple, and melon.
Colors: Grey, dark grey, and black.
Prey of: Titanis Walleri.
Minimum version: v0.9.0.

Theriums Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Screenshots
Uintatherium anceps and Arsinoitherium zitteli:
Similar creature: Cow.
Food: apple, and wheat.
Colors: Grey, dark grey, and black.
Minimum version: v0.9.0.

Titanis Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Screenshots
Titanis walleri:
Similar creature: Chicken.
Food: beef, pork, arsinoitherium, uintaterium meat.
Colors: Red, blue, pink, white, and black (Yellow is planned).
Hunts: Leptictidium, Moeritherium.
Minimum version: v0.9.0.
Ridable (and fast).

Mammoth Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Screenshots
Mammuthus primigenius:
Similar creature: Cow.
Food: Wheat, apple, and sugar.
Colors: Red, brown/maroon, and black.
Minimum version: v0.9.5.

Deinotherium Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Screenshots
Deinotherium giganteum:
Similar creature: Cow.
Food: Wheat, apple, and sugar.
Colors: Red, brown/maroon, and black.
Minimum version: v0.9.7.

SS BASILOSAURUS Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Screenshots
Basilosaurus cetoides:
Still in progress, but can be displayed!
They don’t swim very well. I’m waiting for the 1.8 Minecraft release.
Similar creature: Cow.
Food: Fish.
Colors: Light blue, dark blue, and black.
Minimum version: v0.9.0.
Not ridable.


SS MACHINES Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Screenshots

Hatchery with embryos:
Embryos Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Screenshots

Riding a Uintatherium anceps:
SS RIDING Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Screenshots

Analyzer interface showing the Uintatherium status:
SS GUI Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Screenshots

Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Recipes

Analyzer: this is a device used to see your creature status. Each creature has different status based on its genetics.

Crafting Analyzer Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Recipes

Microchip: Material used to craft machines.

Crafting Microchip Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Recipes

DNA Extractor: is a machine used to extract DNA from organic material.

Crafting DNAExtractor Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Recipes

Centrifuge: is a machine used to analyze the DNa sequence.

Crafting Centrifuge Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Recipes

Hatchery: is a machine used to clone extinct creatures.

Crafting Hatchery Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Recipes

Food on a stick: this is a bait which can be used to ride you creatures, if it is ridable. Can be made of apple, carrot, potato, wheat, beef, and pork.

Crafting Apple On A Stick Bygone Age (Extinct Mobs) Recipes