[1.10.2] CobbleWorks Mod Download

CobbleWorks Mod is a mod developed to fill in niche categories in the modded Minecraft environment.


As of now CobbleWorks adds one block to the game, which generates cobblestone.

The CobbleWorks Producer is  an all in one factory for producing everything cobblestone related.

The upgrade system allows for the production of building and crafting essentials at faster and faster rates. The Producer system is broken down into 5 tiers, with upgrades giving access to more block types and production quantities. All individual block productions are configurable within the GUI.

The mod also adds some fun tools, right now only two:

  • A certain style of axe that chops down entire trees and summons images of Steve or Alex to fight for you.
  • An old staff that turns people into ice cubes. Respawning in Lumbridge not included.


Minecraft Forge


Download links for other versions:




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