[1.7.10] Disposition Technology Mod Download


Have you ever tried of placing rails and having trouble with minecraft unable to go up? Disposition Technology Mod is for you.

This mod adds 5 new blocks:

  • Hardened glass: Crafting item, blast resistance
  • Player Sender / Receiver: Sending player and receiving player.
  • Viapipe: Connect sender and receiver.
  • Player Teleportor: Teleport and receive player without viapipe.

Here, the recipe of: viapipe, hardened glass, player reciever, player sender, player teleportor



Player sender, Player receiver, viapipe usage:

The viapipes (green blocks) connects the sender (purple with red in middle) and the receiver (puprle with blue in middle). Once you right click the sender, the sender will find a receiver that is connected to it with viaducts and teleport you to the receiver. If you do not have a receiver installed, it will still teleport you but will cause an explosion.

Teleportor usage:

As you can see, I have placed some teleports on different blocks (diamond blocks, wooden stairs and dirts). Once you right click a teleportor, it will find all the teleports in the server, even in different worlds, and check if the teleportor shares a common block underneath (metadata, or directions does not matter). If the teleport and the another teleportor shares a common block underneath, it will teleport you to that teleportor.

For example, if I right click one of the teleportor with a diamond block underneath, it will teleport me to another teleportor with a diamond block underneath.


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