[1.7.10] ExGregilo Mod Download


Technically, ExGregilo Mod has no strict dependencies, but it does not really make sense to use it without both Ex Nihilo and GregTech installed.

Note: ExGregilo Mod only works with GregTech 5 Unofficial.  It will not work withGregTech 5.

Additional Note

  • Use version 1.0.3 ONLY on GT5U versions 5.09.26 or above.
  • Use 1.0.2 on GT5U versions 5.09.21 or below.
  • GT5U versions 5.09.22, 5.09.23, and 5.09.24 are not supported in any versions of ExGregilo.

See also: Ex Nihilo 2 Mod


  • Changes Ex Nihilo sieve outputs to use GregTech crushed ore
  • Add the advanced sieve with replaceable meshes for faster early game progression
  • Adds a GregTech auto sieve machine


ExGregilo Mod removes the recipes for the ExCompressum auto hammers, and the auto sieves from both ExCompressum and ExAstris.  These items are unbalanced with the GregTech alternatives, the Macerator and Auto Sieve. Items like Extra Utilities generators should be disabled when using this mod with GregTech, but you will need to do that with configuration.

By default, most RF based mods will be unbalanced with this mod/GregTech, and will require adjustments through the use of something like MineTweaker.


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